Saying goodbye to our summer 2014 interns!

Hammer and Mop (home & office cleaning business in Mumbai) says goodbye to NMIMS summer interns for the year 2014.
Hammer and Mop (core team + interns)

It was a grand internship program this year, where we hosted a bunch of five amazing individuals pursuing MBA from NMIMS. We have grown since the last year, the nature of projects changed. The focus had now shifted to stabilizing revenues, understanding the nuances of cash flow, figuring our push strategies, figuring out opportunities of marketing on the digital medium and enhancing the customer experience. Multiple battles to be fought and the knights inducted had it in them :)

We have always had a certain way of going about the program. Being a young company fighting it out from scratch and learning lessons on the ground, we believe in offering a field to our interns and allowing them to toy around with available resources. Though support is available, they get to decide their projects, timelines and takeaways.

“One of my key learnings working as Hammer and Mop has been that in absence of a third party guidance, there’s little to be achieved without initiative. This is what our ‘internship programs’ have always been based on. Which might change next year since we’re growing :)”

– Sushrut Munje

Internships create a win-win situation in the organization. Being a core team with the average age of 24, our senses are open to learning the new skill sets which our interns bring in abundance. “We complete each other,” as Jude (Head, Communications) had mentioned during a review meeting. It’s a 60-day long continuous exchange of opinions, perspectives and ideas. Out of the Five, the following super zealous individual helped us map out our entire process thus making key tweaks to the system.

“Hammer and Mop is unique in many ways – it’s jovial, it’s funny, it’s open, it loves its customers and it’s at top of its game. As a Sales & Marketing intern at Hammer and Mop, I enjoyed complete flexibility with my projects and was allowed to define the scope as well as the deliverables. I was able to look at diverse areas of the business and make suggestions to Sushrut, who politely heard me out no matter how lame a suggestion I might be making. Moreover, he encouraged me to translate my suggestions into concrete implementable proposals. Working with the awesome core team at Hammer and Mop was an experience unlike any other. I am thankful to them for such a wonderful experience.”

– Abhijit Sawant

We look for individuals willing to learn and experiment, those are skills which will prove forever useful. Guts are appreciated, one of our brightest interns called us a ‘glorified cleaning company’ during the interview. We realized we had to have her, the skeptic will tear the complacency apart and lead us to better pastures. She did.

“When I look back upon my journey with Hammer and Mop, the most important lesson for me has been that even when it seems like the worst has happened, things can actually turn out way better than one expects. My application to Hammer and Mop’s internship program was not a serious one (for a variety of reasons) and I was truly surprised when Sushrut selected me. But, this was about seven months earlier. Now, things are a lot different and I thank my lucky stars that he did select me to work here. 

The environment here is bursting with energy and does not have any of that stuffy corporate air. I felt like sky was the limit here and I had only to reach out and grab it. This is, in no small part, because of the people that I got to work with. Sushrut was always a source of support and guidance while Jude has taught me a great many things. Pintu and I did not work closely but I am impressed by his dedication and abilities as the Head of Operations here.

This internship with Hammer and Mop has been a chance to grow, explore and realize my potential. Sushrut gave us a blank canvas and it was up to us to paint it to the best of our abilities. Even though this journey lasted only 2 months, be assured that I will keep haunting you for the foreseeable future :P I have learnt a lot here and am sincerely grateful for the freedom and trust that the team here put in all of us interns.”

– Saloni Chandra

Our culture and youthfulness has the potential to be a double edged sword, and that keeps us on our toes to be good at swordsmanship! It is not a cake walk to be in an environment devoid of fixed systems, SOPs and well defined processes. The real trick lies in understanding how to fulfill a one line objective. We remember this dear guy smacking down the challenges posed by the digital marketing spectre.

“Working at Hammer and Mop has been an exclusive experience for me! Why exclusive? Well, that’s because you live, love and intern only once! Much before joining an MBA program, I could not but vent my curious ears to the experiences of Summer Internship of a lot of friends and seniors. I had heard all kind of anecdotes which had inculcated in me a sense of excitement and a bit of awe about the same! Standing at the fag end of the program, I feel that the journey was nothing but wonderful! It has been like learning to ride a bicycle! Important, that I got some mentoring; but more important was to try on my own! That’s what I did; I tried, fell down, got up, tried again and the process still continues (as of 20th May 2014).

Worth mentioning is the work ambience! Hammer and Mop’s office is nothing like a stereotypical one. Unlike most of the offices which feel blue on Monday (actually throughout the week), this place oozes out vigor at every pulse! An eclectic combination of work and fun make it the way it is!

Well, no place is good in itself; it’s not the bricks and the paint that brings life; it’s the people! Lucky enough to have interacted with some of the most intelligent and spontaneous people at Hammer and Mop. The entire team is spirited!

Learnt a lot in the process, understood the basic dynamics of marketing. It was my debut to a first-hand experience in the field of marketing and a trial to unlearn all the bookish bull-shit I have learnt so far! To sum it up, the tenure ends, but the association remains! Thanks.”

– Dipanjal Deb

An aspect ensures that flexibility and freedom stay core to the program. Being considerably bigger than last year, we had divided our five interns in five different areas of marketing, allowing them the right to shift between sectors and asking them to closely work with each other so everyone stays on the same page. We had an exceptional maverick on board. His words-

Summer Internships are designed to provide a great deal of practical learning of the forthcoming corporate life. My transition from an Operations background to one in Marketing needed such a hands-on experience. Sushrut, with his progressive approach, ensured this by allowing me to work not only in Branding and Digital Marketing, but also in Sales. Taking these three functions, one at a time, the following weeks brought forth the most enjoyable work with Hammer and Mop. Now, after eight weeks of Marketing Assignments, what I have is more than a relevant experience: a relationship with the firm.

– Sunny Singh

Consistency is the key, we believe. It helps us keep the promises we make to our beloved patrons. When Omkar mentioned his love for the brand-building process during the interview, we hadn’t realized how interesting his project might become. As we mapped out the processes, he toyed around with the tweaks thus figuring out a way to enhance the experience. We’re putting his plans into action right away!

“My journey with Hammer and Mop started in December, during campus placements for the Summer Internship. Right from the interaction at that time with Sushrut, I knew that if I do get selected at Hammer and Mop, there would be a lot to learn for me.

And there indeed was a lot to learn. This was my first tenure at a Marketing job, and I was excited as never before. “Positive, Cheerful, Ambitious”, and if I may say so, “Kickass”, are some of the words that I have been associating with Hammer and Mop from the first day.

Sushrut was my guide through my tenure in which I was given flexibility, freedom, and at the same time broad deliverables. He always showed a lot of patience and receptiveness. These were the very reasons along with the constant encouragement because of which I never hesitated to put forward any idea, without any fear of being judged stupid and all. Everyone here, is treated with absolute respect. And soft skills are something to learn from him as well!

The core team, or rather the “Council” at Hammer and Mop, is an amazing one. All of them (Jude, Pintu and now, Shamik) demonstrate passion, dedication, bonding towards work and towards colleagues. They were always supportive and ready to help. The work atmosphere was never a dull one. All in all, it was a wonderful experience. Though my association in the form of internship was for only two months, I would love to be connected with Hammer and Mop.”

– Omkar Sathe

We cannot really write any more, considering we’re a molten goop, overwhelmed with all the love the Five poured on us. We hadn’t realized how awesome the last 2 months have been, their brilliance outshone everything else. And as they step back into their old world, they leave some amazing projects in their wake. A warm and a sincere thank you from Hammer and Mop, dear Five. All encompassing love from the Blue Bear. Thanks to you, we got work to do! :D

Hammer and Mop

May the Force be with you.
love and peace

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