Saying goodbye to our summer 2013 interns!

Tirthankar (left) and Sahil (middle) with Jude (communications manager)

We had the pleasure of hosting two bright summer interns from NMIMS, the prestigious deemed-to-be University, from April to May 2013. Students with a sales & marketing profile, they were hand-picked from a group of 10 when Hammer & Mop was invited to be a part of the campus placements earlier this year.

For two months, they worked on all aspects of the business- from operations structure to business strategy, from marketing efforts to employee relations. Being a startup, we were particular about providing them space to understand the business and choose an area they would like to tinker with. We wanted them to handle a small business, play around with possibilities and bring about a distinct change in the way we operate. They did not disappoint.

The passionate discussions, frank and constructive criticism put to test many of our existing policies. Our core team experienced increased bandwidth and that resulted in thinking twice about the existing business model itself. The changes are being implemented as we type.

“I am going to be an MBA – the formal kind, where everyone sits in classrooms and discusses case studies about big well established companies; where ‘learning’ means being at the receiving end and where getting a degree or a beautiful job is the objective.

But the degree I earned working at Hammer & Mop was unique: it was a one-of-a-kind, a custom-built program that I alone could experience.  The challenges included working with limited resources, building a platform, winning the clients, designing something new, preparing numerous reports and presentations, working under time pressure, teaching someone about something which I learned few days back, having debates with the founder (won some-lost some), and eventually going back to the college. Every day at Hammer & Mop was a new challenge and every new challenge was fun. It was an experience to be cherished for.

I’ve learned more in the last 2 months than at any previous time in my life – about myself, about this company, about this industry, about how to run and manage a business, about the world of startups and entrepreneurship. At last but not the least, I would like to thank Sushrut Munje for being a good person to listen to all my ideas (good and bad), bear with my presentations (captivating and not) and read my reports.”

– Tirthankar Behera

It was fantastic working with Tirthankar and Sahil. They had their own moments of brilliance, their own quirks and ready suggestions for each and every aspect of the startup we run. They visited work sites and discussed operations in detail with our managers.

“A summer internship should give you 2 things – exposure and autonomy. At Hammer & Mop, I got just that. Working in a small team is huge responsibility, but one that translates into opportunity. Being a young startup that Hammer & Mop is, it gave me a plethora of opportunities to try and do different things – even those which did not fall into my job description – with complete autonomy.

Hammer & Mop operates from a collaborative workspace – Bombay Connect – and I was fortunate to be working amidst some true innovators. After all, not often does one get to work closely with the founder of an organization and be a part of the decision making team!

Life at Hammer & Mop, like any startup, is not glamorous. But it sure is a lot of fun and adventure!”

– Sahil Bhavnani

It is heart warming to read these testimonials. We’ll be staying in touch with these awesome twosome for sure, and we look forward to work with NMIMS students again. They are quite an amazing bunch.

love and peace

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