Ruling the home cleaning game!

Hammer and Mop shares how we have been ruling the home cleaning game across Mumbai. Consistent service delivery and quality customer service has been the key!

When we first burst into the scene, the home cleaning market across Mumbai was quite raw. We had a few service providers, catering to a select few. However, a lot was left to be desired. What truly drove us to create Hammer and Mop and offer professional home cleaning services to homes and offices across the city, was an opportunity to market the convenience in the right manner. We are glad we did a good job!

In addition to the quality of the service delivered, you also care about the quality of communication being received from the company in question. Since we focused on how the brand looks and how it interacts, we ensured razor sharp focus on how to manage basic inquiries and escalations. This resulted in immense customer satisfaction. Yay, a happy you!

Why Home Cleaning is so good

The sheer comfort of having a professional, trained, trustworthy team delivering a deep cleaning session is beyond words. The teams carry all the necessary equipment, tools, machines and industrial grade cleaning solutions. they cover all corners, move the light furniture around, ensure that bathrooms shine again and go where even the dust bunnies fear to tread.

Supervisors work along with the teams, and every cleanup is customized to suit your requirements. The handover of your residence is smooth, and you receive a home that is very, very clean. These high levels of hygiene are especially well suited to asthma patients,children and senior citizens. Also, if you have pet animals, a deep cleaning session gives you a major relief from shedding fur.

Home Cleaning as a Strategic Alliance

In addition to patrons directly reaching out to us, we also work with organizations catering to the same niche segment. If the brand you love trusts us, you’d be more keen to trust us too. Since people do business with people they like and trust, we believe in collaborations with brands with whom we share values.

From handmade gifting experts to coffee shops, from elderly care companies to errand runners – we have a network of well meaning companies operating across Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. All of us believe in a high quality of customer service, and have been able to refer customers to each other.

Upwards and Onwards

We are grateful to have been in this business, and having delivered 4500+ squeaky clean homes over the last five years. Thanks to our merger with Mr. Homecare, we are currently reaching out to 15,000+ of their delighted patrons – and this is on another scale altogether. We are here for the long run, and have dug in our heels. Onwards and upwards!

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  1. HCS
    November 18, 2016 at 3:41 am

    This is such a good idea. Using strategies in cleaning so that all the family members will cooperate. I’ll surely rule a cleaning game. Not just we will have fun, we also keep our home clean. Thanks for posting!

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