Why Does Paint Peel Off Walls

At Hammer and Mop, we understand the pain of paint peeling off from walls, thus helps you to understand interior painting and how to maintain it.After a big interior painting job for your dear home, blisters and bubbles are the last things you would want to see, but it happens all the time. Unsightly areas on walls and trim where the paint is beginning to peel, are a headache-inducing sight for homeowners. Such walls with peeling paint can make your home look poorly maintained. And not only does it looks bad, it often means there’s a larger problem with moisture on your exterior/interior walls. It’s always good to have basic technical knowledge about the actions in your home, in order to take constructive decisions when in trouble.

Why does it peel off

Blisters/peel off can happen on either interior or exterior surfaces. They are more likely to arise when preventive measures haven’t been taken properly before the job. The most common cause of peeling, not surprisingly, is water. Peeling paint can be due to any of these three common causes – lack of surface preparation, moist walls and wrong paint. Find out why it’s happening!

  • High Moisture Content

If insufficient ventilation is installed in these rooms, a build up of water vapor can eventually cause paint to fail. Places in India, especially Mumbai, has unexpected weather conditions, at such cases, taking care of walls should be mandatory. In rooms with inadequate ventilation, or lack of opening windows, an extraction fan should be fitted to allow for moisture vapor to be expelled from the room. On exterior walls you will commonly find peeling paint around any areas of damp. Where mildew and mould have already taken hold, this will need treatment before removing existing paint and applying new.

  • Incorrect Preparation

When new paint is applied over improperly prepared surfaces the product may flake or start peeling off. If the wall underneath the paint layer is dirty, wet or covered in old paint, the paint on top of the bad layer may not hold properly. The proper preparation and finishing involves protecting painted surfaces from the ravages of moisture. One way to fix peeling paint is to paint the wall correctly after scraping off the malfunctioning layers. Wipe the walls down with a warm, damp washcloth and then apply the new paint.

Contact Professional Interior Contractors

Even though you may hire a contractor to perform your interior painting, you should make a close inspection of your any existing paint failures. Then, when dealing with your contractor, ask questions specifically, why the paint failure is happening and how to resolve it. At Mr. Homecare, we understand the importance of interior and exterior maintenance along with the aesthetic value that adds to your home. In conclusion, we look forward to fulfilling your standards of interior painting and we’re just a phone call away from a beautiful home!

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