How Often Should You Paint Your House

Hammer and Mop shares how essential is it to understand how often your home painting should take place, ensuring healthy walls and maintaining them.

Renovating a house is the most exciting activity, as it transforms your dull home with those lacklustre walls into a new and pristine place to live in. Traditionally, part of the routine in renovating your home, is painting the interior of your house. Homeowners usually consider home painting only when there’s an occasion round the corner. But there is certainly a discipline which you need to follow and understand how often do you need to paint your house.

The interior doesn’t need regular painting like the exterior, that needs more frequent repair due to the weather conditions. Painting your house is the least expensive thing you can do that transforms your space. But there are a lot of factors that come into play like home painting mistakes, which often leave you with paint problems. Assuming normal wear and tear, today’s wall paints applied well with proper prep-work can last 5 or even 10 years. But let’s look at that in more detail by diving into each section of your home.

Hallways And Corridors

The walls here in hallways and corridors see a lot of wear and tear. These areas get used and abused a thousands of times. They will have scuff marks, sticky finger marks and possibly dents and cracks below the surface that ruins the aesthetics of your house. If the paint that was used was a high quality washable paint, these walls can be washed occasionally. In our home painting experience, hallways get painted more often than most other areas of a house, likely around every 2-3 years.


The beauty of the walls of an adult bedroom usually lasts for a longer time. Bedrooms as a rule do not see as much activity and do not require frequent painting. The obvious exception is children’s bedrooms. For children, the walls become a space for doodling. It is a good idea here to use a top quality paint with a higher sheen. These paints quite often can be scrubbed clean and make the paint last longer.

Another good idea is to paint a section of a wall with chalkboard paint. This will encourage the toddlers to express their creativity on a predefined wall surface and hopefully leave the other walls alone. The reality is, where kids spend a lot of time, wall paint does not last very long. Kids rooms get painted more often than other bedrooms, maybe every 2-3 years.

Living And Dining Room

Paint in these rooms tends to last longer, despite them being used quite often. These rooms often tend to be filled with more formal activities. But it is expected that better paint and decoration is used in these areas, as they are used to showcase the decor of a home. Living room is the crown of your home which makes your entire home look aesthetic.

Deciding to repaint these rooms is often accompanied with a complete or significant change of decor and style. For all these reasons, painting every five to seven years is very common.

Kitchen And Bathrooms

The kitchen and bathrooms have far more damage on the walls than the living or dining rooms, so you may need to freshen up these walls more often. These are the most busy rooms, which are highly potential to ruin the walls. Especially in kitchen, you should have a paint that can be washed regularly. Always prefer a pearl or satin finish paint for your kitchen. It becomes easy to scrub and maintain them.

In bathrooms, the main culprit is humid and moisture. You need to understand why that paint is peeling off the walls in order to keep them healthy. Mr. Homecare recommends paints to be used for humid areas should all be water based as they are actually longer lasting. The paint job in these rooms does not last as long and needs to be done every 3-4 years. Good ventilation will let some of the humidity escape and extend the time between painting.

It’s always better to be in a regular contact with professional interior contractors. They are the only best source to keep your home beautiful. For any home painting job, Mr. Homecare becomes your bob. In conclusion, we look forward to fulfilling your standards of interior home painting. Contact us, for more details.

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