Hiring No More: Head of Operations! :)

Need a Leader
As we fight to hold off Storm’s End, we need a Stannis Baratheon to lead us!

As an update, we have found our Stannis Baratheon in Gauri Oak (who actually identifies herself with Arya Stark) and good things are afoot. Winter is coming but we’ll prevail and how! Following is the old post which helped us narrow down on 10+ valiant prospects.

Now Hiring: Head of Operations!

Yes! We’re looking for a Head of Operations to come on board. Someone who is keen to build on established SOPs, manage team efficiency, ensure steady workflow and is a strong team builder. Someone who works with our team of supervisors and recruitment managers. Someone who interacts with our wonderful patrons on the field and ensures consistent delivery. As we work on projects focusing on productizing our service offering by leveraging technology, an Operations Head with design thinking capabilities plays a key role :)

  • We’re a young core team with an average age of 24.
  • Running the best cleaning company in Mumbai with celebs and business leaders as patrons.
  • Senior, grey haired, super cool advisors & mentors on board.
  • Dynamic network in the student community, startup eco-system and the business circles.
  • Cleaning & Maintaining the best (and the most luxurious) properties across Mumbai.
  • Featured by top media publications across the country (electronic, print and digital).
  • And we have big dreams and a plan to make it happen.

This is what we posted on YourStory about the position.
This is what we posted on TheRodinhoods forum about the position.

Why this cover image? What is this?

As we’ve written before, we’re a fun young bunch with super serious workplace ethics and we love Game of Thrones analogies. And we write and we crack jokes but focus on making sure that every cleanup is consistent, every client is served well and every email replied to. Stannis Baratheon held off castle Storm’s End against serious odds and we like to believe that we’re fighting a similar battle, being a young company in the big awesome world. Of course, Stannis was a key general in King Robert Baratheon’s army and he would be much like our Head of Operations. A man/lady who means business.

What does the Head of Ops get?

Well, Stannis gets to keep Storm’s End in our story! We are welcoming a team member on board, someone who will be given the freedom and decision making authority. As time passes, the position will be stronger and if interested, we’re open to sharing the crown. Worthy lies the head that bears the crown at Hammer and Mop :)

How can I spread the word?

Share and refer, please :) Emails can be sent directly to sushrut@hammerandmop.com

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