Now Hiring: A Communications Expert

Hammer and Mop is hiring a communications manager, an expert to deliver the brand promise to our amazing customers. Brownie Points for social media & PR!
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It is that time of the year again, when we look for new members. Not because old ones leave (nah, they stay and evolve and gain weight and lose some), but because we grow, and expand and grow grey hair. Because we seek fresh blood, to add another layer of personality to this wonderful brand we have built together. Hammer and Mop hires to add members to its family, and to learn.

We are Growing

Being the most sought after cleaning company in the city comes with its perks, and we grow the old fashioned way, step by step, with utmost caution and joy. We now move to a new larger office, expand our office team, ramp up our operations to look prettier and offer better (way more intensive) cleanups to our dear customers. Hammer and Mop has been around for a while, and enjoys a solid reputation of good customer service and consistent quality. Though we grow, our spirit remains the same. Our team, hardwired with our philosophy, still believes:

“An amateur who cares is a way better cleaner than a professional who doesn’t.”

We need a Communications Manager

To put it bluntly, yes. This manager is going to be an addition to the present superhero league. This manager gets to be our voice, our face and our words. Our customers are kind souls, and this manager gets to interact with them all, be the keen ear which understands the concerns and becomes the ready voice to communicate how we can solve the problems at hand.

“Our customers expect high quality service. And we deliver.”

Key Responsibilities

Managing communication channels – phone, email and social media. Addressing client complaints and troubleshooting. Communicating client preferences to Operations unit. Pursuing customer feedback. Following up on pending tasks & payments. Working closely with Finance & Operations units. Reporting directly to the CEO. Brownie Points: Designing communication protocols and formats. Brownie Points: PR and Outreach.

Start: August 2015

Salary: 2.16 – 3 lakh p.a.

What Makes the Cut

Patience, effective communication and being a good listener will go a long way. We seek initiative, enterprise and willingness to learn. We would want you to step out of your comfort zone. Not all projects will come with pre-determined deadlines. Not all projects will come with instructions.  Not all challenges will need you to be laid-back. That is when we will need you to be your own boss, and work with the team towards a common goal.

Background: Marketing, PR, Sales, Client Servicing preferred.

Skills: MS Office, excellent English writing & speaking skills required


An opportunity to add value to a growing brand, hone your skill sets and working with a pioneer in the sector. Communicate effectively with HNIs, business leaders, celebrities and customers who value good service. Access to immense business & startup networks pan India. Be a crucial part of the team which believes in offering playgrounds within playgrounds to its members. Enjoy the freedom to communicate, with a team that genuinely believes in frank feedback at all levels and dignity of labor.

We love words, books, coffee, music, food and a tummy-full of hearty laughter.

Do refer

Kindly email in your resumes to and we can take it from there. Thank you!

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