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Hammer and Mop, home & office cleaning business in Mumbai, writes about the benefits of moving in cleaning services and how they work perfectly for Architects and Interior Designers during the site handover process.

Moving houses and offices is always a task with many things playing on our amazing minds. It is essential for the transition to be smooth and well managed, which leads us to outsource certain tasks to service providers. We started up almost around three years back and our most popular cleanup has been the Moving In one, often converting many of our awesome customers into evangelists :)

Moving In

Usually after renovation or when you buy/rent a new property, the corners are filled with dust and some stubborn stains hide away from the world. In cases such as these, you might need a keener eye and a professional hand to take control of the situation- clean up every corner, crevice and surface- thus helping you move into your new premise seamlessly. We met MissMalini while helping her move into her new apartment too! :)

Malini Agarwal (MissMalini) posted how Hammer and Mop (home & office cleaning business in Mumbai) helped her move into a new home by making it sparkling clean on Instagram! She is Hammer and Mop's regular customer and has given rave reviews.
Helping MissMalini move in!

We carry specific equipment helping us reach all corners, helping us scrub the most delicate of surfaces in a way it feels right, helping us get your place in order. Most importantly, we carry a sense of responsibility and purpose as we go around mopping the space up. Over the last 24+ months, we have transformed dusty properties into sparkling clean homes & offices fit for a toddler to move in! From asthma patients (who didn’t cough a single time) to newborns- our patrons have trusted us to deliver what was promised. We’re proud to say that we didn’t disappoint.

For Architects & Interior Designers

We’re most relevant for architects and interior designers since we take away the hassle of ensuring a sparkling clean home/office during the handover process, and promise a significant value addition. Having worked with 2 of the top 5 Indian architects, we have understood and tuned our services to deliver what is expected. In addition to celebrities and business leaders, we have also worked closely with Consulates to help deliver a smooth moving in experience.

Korean Consulate was very happy with the services of Hammer and Mop (home & office cleaning business in Mumbai) and offered a glowing testimonial.

When is the right time?

Once the work is done, electricians and plumbers have left and you’re waiting to step into the residence/office. What we perform is fine cleaning and we lock up areas once done, since they’ve been made ready only for you. The contractors’ teams do a necessary cleanup and we come up with a followup moving-in session aiding a perfect handover. However, after having performed 2000+ cleanups, we do realize that utilities work never truly gets done. In such cases, we can get the main cleanup one and help you with followup area-specific sessions so home stays sparkling clean, the way it should be :) We’d love to help you out! Thanks.

Hammer and Mop (home & office cleaning business in Mumbai) shares information on Moving In Cleaning Services, which work perfectly well for Architects and Interior Designers.
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