Fighting the Monsoon Blues – A Home Lover’s Advice

The monsoon is here again, and with it has come the dull gloomy weather that Mumbai Monsoons are famous for. In such a storm of mental dullness, we may often feel the effect of the monsoon blues kicking in. Staying indoors suddenly doesn’t feel like a bad idea. It is at such times that our home is our only best friend, our only true lover.

Envisioning the situation through a looking glass has helped us learn of a few tricksĀ that have helped our mood considerably. We are more than happy to share.

Entertain Yourself

Fighting the monsoon blues begins with keeping yourself entertained. Have a series that you have wanted to watch for a long time? A book that you wish to read? The monsoon is the perfect time because the blues stem from boredom. Hence, containing the boredom will allow you to avoid the blues altogether. Your pet is your sweetheart at such a time.

Get House-Work Done

We often use the excuse of not being at home to put off our house work. Often our houses go uncleaned weeks on end for this reason. Now that staying at home has been incentivized by the monsoon we have the perfect opportunity to treat our home to the pamperingĀ it deserves. Consider that long pending house deep-clean, or maybe a good old floor cleaning & polishing, or perhaps get rid of those monsoon pests once and for all. The gratification that you will receive upon getting these things done will surely drive those monsoon blues back to the dark hole from whence they came.

Let the Creativity Flow

The weather may make you feel all sorts of emotions. What better way to deal with them than to express yourself. Let your emotions flow onto the canvas, or let the pen and paper be your friend. Colours have a soul of their own, consider experimenting with them. Perhaps you could even begin your blogging career. Draw inspiration from the atmosphere around you and just let yourself go. You may discover a new passion or at the least end up learning a little more about yourself.

While you are at it do not forget to let us know in the comments below what helps you fight the monsoon blues :)


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