Hammer & Mop mentioned in Mint Lounge, Saturday, 26th Oct’13

As one of our patrons (a popular writer/columnist) recently wrote to us, little things bring us great joy. However, this is anything but little :) Mint Lounge is one of our favorite weekend reads and we were ecstatic when they called us for a short feature. This pan-India special edition talks about gifting options and we fit in snugly to make your place sparkling clean. A perfect gift! And it got better because both of our allies (Travtus & OCD) were a part of the tidy-up feature/procedure.

Since we’re writers at heart-

The issue was not just a mashup of attractive looking objects but it guided you on the basis of your preferences and general categories you’ll find easy to relate to! It had something if you’re interested in baking, if you appreciate tea (our buddy Tea Trunk was mentioned) or you need help with your desks or your kitchen! It had something for avid travelers, for folks who enjoy downing a few shots, those who love games, gizmos and toys. We saw Tappu Ki Dukaan mentioned as well, and we felt happy inside :) Do let us know if you need anything from the issue and we’ll help hunt it down for you.

love and peace

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