Letter to an Unhappy Patron

Hammer and Mop shares how a good home cleaning company always accepts its mistakes during service delivery, & reaches out to the customer in a proactive manner.
courtesy: Peter Hellberg

Not all matches are made in heaven, neither are all cleanups. Being one of the oldest players in the sector has taught us precious lessons on what makes a good home cleaning session happen, and what factors could lead to one going wrong.

Customers (or patrons, as we prefer terming them) are delightful human beings. Natural at listening skills, it is an honest communication that takes place between them and our teams. A home is an immensely personal space, and no one would discount the importance of it being sparkling clean. It is also crucial to only let trustworthy people in.

Despite being the best home cleaning company around, we do manage to goof up quite often. We also believe that a good company is an honest company, one which does not shy away from accepting its mistakes. Why fear your customers – can we not trust them to stand by our side? Here is how Mr. Homecare stood with Knowlarity in time of distress, and we have been blessed with all of you who have always been with us.

Here is a letter to a dear customer, whom we could service at our best levels:

Dear patron,

This is with reference to the home cleaning session we delivered for you. We’re very sorry that we could not deliver our best.

At Hammer and Mop &¬†Mr. Homecare, we have been the pioneers of home cleaning services pan India. Performing a good session has always been challenge, since every home is different, and there cannot be a standard process to follow when it comes to focusing on corners. What does help is ‘training’ – and that is the crux of our induction sessions.

Stains are particularly nasty to clean Рand we are unable to predict the chances of one going away, despite scrubbing hard. Also, surfaces are at a risk of being damaged if scrubbed too hard. While our teams were most probably  just cautious to not try hard enough, we understand that any stain is a cause for discomfort.

While we strive on delivering our best every single time, there are times when we goof up. We apologize profusely for the inconvenience caused to you, and shall be working towards ensuring that this does not happen again.

Thank you for being patient with us, and for your frank feedback.

It hurts us to write such emails, but we have to apologize for all the wrong done. We once had a Twitter conversation with a customer, whose cleanup we had missed to schedule! He was visibly upset, and we were truly apologetic. In the heat of the moment, he accused us of having fake testimonials on our website. This is where we took a stand, and firmly yet politely communicated how we won’t ever lie about a testimonial received for great service done.

Thank you for your love and support. Sincerely hoping to not send out such emails, and get better with time.

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