“If you’re finicky, we love you.”

That’s what we said to our wonderful customer who is moving to the heart of Mumbai from London. How did the first conversation go? Well, we were glad we could answer the right questions the right way, while explaining what we did. Considering Mumbai has a lot of dust and humidity (as opposed to London, in this case), we need to be much more thorough during the cleanup session, paying attention to all corners and keeping an eye out for moldy patches.

The reference was through one of our many patrons in the area, so she did know that we have served numerous amazing expatriates and dear folks who travel frequently (and are used to high standards of service). We were sure to clear her doubts regarding how we clean the fixtures, the dusty lofts, the floor and the grooves on them, the appliances and that they would be moved about carefully in the process.

“I’m very finicky,” she said.

“Ma’am, if you’re finicky, we love you”, we replied.

She was returning to Mumbai after a long hiatus and the apartment had been undergoing renovation for around an year. As a result, we would be making sure the chunks of cement are removed, glasses look as good as thin air and the apartment is dust free before she moves in. Boy we love our work!


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