How ‘The Leather Laundry’ earned a happy review!

Hammer and Mop shares how the Leather Laundry are good at cleaning leather boots & accessories, just the way we are good at keeping homes clean! :)
Pic Courtesy: Alexandra E Rust

We have been associated with the ever delightful Leather Laundry for a while now. These Delhi-based experts are striving to reach out to metros pan India, and Hammer and Mop is proud to represent them in Mumbai. What keeps us together is the pure passion in running a customer-focused business, and attention to detail while serving our amazing patrons!

Earning a Review

During one of our recent chats, the leather loving team told us about an incident where a kindhearted customer wrote a long review on seeing his leather boots glowing again. We HAD to share it with you –

“So I get this stunningly amazing ankle length boots for myself and after wearing it couple of times I chose to give my neighborhood cobbler a look at my priceless possession. I asked him to give it a shine and hand it over to me the next day. The next day to my surprise I was being delivered a different pair of shoes at my place. I took the pain of taking it back to him and telling him that the shoes that was given to me was of someone else. He gave me a scary look and said ‘It is yours but a little bit darker’ and then he gives me one of the cheesiest smiles. I was scared and startled for a moment looking at my boots. The audacity with which he charged me 100/- and ruined my shoes and gives me one of the stupidest smiles ever. I was shattered not because I could not wear it more than 2 times but for the fact that I realized that I’ll never be able to wear it. For almost a year it was in my store room besides old boxes. It was not on my legs which were in there but rather it was a home to a happy spider family for almost 14 months.

One fine day going through random articles on the ‘Little Black Book‘ I came across a ray of hope (these days they call it the Leather Laundry). I spoke to them about my boots which were going through its dark ages and told them the entire history. Mallika and her team very confidently told me that this could be solved and your boots would see out doors once again. Buhahahaha (Funny – I thought this time i just found myself a costly way of screwing up my money and my pair of shoes which I can just dream of wearing it again). Her team to my surprise got the boots picked up on the same day from me and were very pro active all through out. Expectation setting were made about the charges and the time, once I accepted the conditions they just vanished off with regular random updates that the shoes are in the process so they did not comment. After the fourth day I had lost all hopes, I was sure she would come back to me and tell me ‘Boss won’t be possible, we can’t change the ugly looks, its here to stay’.

Eighth day later my shoes gets delivered to me and …….. you could just make it out from the picture how did they….. I was short of words and thank you’s, however this was a stunning work that they squeezed out of now where. I strongly feel that it was worth the money and the time invested.Thank you TLL team really happy with your work. Though am not a believer in reviews and feedback but TLL team earned this. My leather commodities now do have a safe address to visit!! Regards, Alex”

Hammer and Mop shares how the Leather Laundry are good at cleaning leather boots & accessories, just the way we are good at keeping homes clean! :)
Alex’s favorite boots – now restored!

We are at loss for words, frankly, on seeing how enthusiastic Alex has been. We’re proud of our leather care partners, they sure are out to make the world better ;)

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