Is Your House Ready for the Great Indian Festive Season?

The country has begun to go into a frenzy once again. Sweet shops have begun churning their preparatory items in bulk. Beautiful outfits adorn the pavement stalls of popular shopping streets. Red and gold seem to be the flavour of the season and why not? We are only weeks away from Ganesh Chaturthi, the first large scale festival of what can only be known as the Indian festive season. This year Ganesh Chaturthi, Bakri Eid, Navratri, and Diwali have all lined up in quick succession like racers on a grid.

Is Your House Ready for the Great Indian Festive Season

It is only natural that we feel conscious about the state of the homes before the onset of this Indian festive season. This begs the question. Is my house ready for the Great Indian Festive Season? How would I know? Don’t fret. We are here to help you understand the tell signs.

Check for Cracks and Puffs

Let us start with the obvious. The most visible signs of an ageing home are cracks and puffs in the wall paint. Because these are so simple to identify it is a good idea to look for them first. Deal with these while they are still minor problems by calling for help from a professional painting contractor. Wall waterproofing could also be a major cause of these puffs and cracks. Eliminate these problems altogether by ripping out their roots. A good contractor will help you identify the underlying issues and save you the potential blushes.

Check your Services that are Due

Our homes function on a host of appliances. Devices like Air Conditioners and Refrigerators require regular servicing. Pest control is another service that needs to be done regularly. Check for your scheduled services on your AMC and try and schedule them right before the festive season kicks off.

Ensure Well-Functioning Basics

Your Plumbing and Electrical Setup are critical to the appeal of your house. Check them for any faults and flaws. Leaky pipes can cause corrosion of your tiles and collections of water that breeds mosquitoes while bad wiring could electrocute you.

Deep Clean Your Home

Call on some professional deep cleaning services to have your house cleaned thoroughly. You may discover dirty corners that you didn’t know existed and also help you have a perfect looking house going into the festive season. (To know what a deep cleaning is, click here)

Your House is now Ready for the Indian Festive Season

With the above preparations done, your house is finally ready to deal with this season. You can now look forward to it without a worry in your mind (not concerning your house anyway). You can also conduct other preparations like home redecoration and furnishing to add a sublime touch to your home.

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