Home Cleaning When Pets Are Around

Hammer and Mop shares why home cleaning and office cleaning is essential when you've a pet dog or a cat. It helps remove dust & allergens, keeping you healthy.
courtesy: Mauricio Lima

When we clean homes, we are offered trusted access to most intimate areas of your residence. We often end up meeting your family members and work around your preferences, thus delivering a hassle free home cleaning session. Pets form an integral part of your family, do they not?

What is it like to have pets?

Frankly, cats do not care much about who is entering and who is leaving. Dogs, however, are a different story altogether. They are keen to smell, explore, trust and love! Also, the following issues are common in homes with pets:

  • a distinct odor, at least in some areas
  • stains on the floor & walls
  • fur in the corners, behind shelves and on the furniture

How do we clean around the pets?

We do not clean around them, because some of our team members might be allergic to pet fur. As a result, we ask our dear patrons to ensure that the lovable animals are kept away in a separate room when we’re around. This creates a win win situation – the pets are not disturbed by the cleaning session and our team members are free of any resultant allergies too.

Stains and the odor is tackled through our cleaning techniques and industrial grade cleaning solutions, and most of the surfaces return to their original appearance. Fur cleaning might get messy at times. Though we try to vacuum it up, there are times when we use a wet rubber glove to wipe it up.

Home & Office Cleaning is Essential

Since we are blessed to live in a dusty & humid climate, it is crucial to deep clean your premises at least every quarter, which will remove all allergens and dust and dirt from the place where your stay, eat and sleep. This is a healthy practice and its need is amplified when you have pets. We’re happy to have been of help to 10,000+ homes, almost a quarter of them with pets!

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