Having Happy Influencers as Patrons

Hammer and Mop shares how serving Heena Surani at Vivarea was a delightful experience, and that we're blessed to have happy influencers as patrons.
Pic Courtesy: David Blaikie

Serving Heena Surani has been one of the best things we’ve done at Raheja Vivarea, one of the best residential complexes Mumbai has to offer. On the day of the cleanup, there was little communication with the patron, since the session was quite smooth. However, serving a demanding client segment is a double edged sword. Their satisfaction cannot be taken for granted, and we have to reach out and confirm. So we did, and the text was sent asking whether she has found the cleanup satisfactory. Her reply had our camps cheering!

Heena Surani

She shared her glowing feedback with her friends on a popular mobile chat application, and the response had us floored, because many of her friends on the influential network were already our patrons! The conversation was as follows:

“Yes. They are here doing washrooms now,
and it feels like going into a hotel bathroom after :)”

“Yes, super excellent service, worth the price.”

“Let’s get together and opt for a bulk package?”

“You can literally hear the floors squeak and the bathrooms sparkle. I’m in.”

“How many times In a month? Even I want to try.”

It went on and on, and we were ecstatic. Our sense of contentment lies in having managed to keep patrons like you happy. Your feedback has always helped us pull up our socks and stay focused on the job. Thank you! And thanks a bunch, Heena & friends :)

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