Happy Cleaning for Atul Sharma

Mr. Homecare shares how a happy home cleaning service in Powai for Atul Sharma, a dear Hammer and Mop patron, led to massive delight amongst our team too :)

[first published on the Mr. Homecare blog]

We have not been around for a while as a home cleaning company, and it is always great to have old patrons return to us. Atul Sharma is perhaps the oldest of Hammer and Mop patrons, has seen the company through its ups and downs, experienced it goof up in a big way, yet given us every opportunity to fix what we did wrong. When we wrote in asking for a home cleaning session for his Powai residence, we could only grin wide and nod.

We love Powai

We cannot stress our love for the neighborhood enough. Powai is like a world in itself, from the choicest of restaurants to the best coffee shops, from the biggest of buildings to its very own lake – some of our best customers have been from here, and that’s a reason enough for us to frequent the area.

Smooth Home Cleaning for Atul?

Well, while booking the cleaning service for Atul, we had made a note of being extra sure to deliver a flawless service. That’s because we are constantly striving to be better than what we are, and our patrons ought to feel the difference as well. However, unfortunately, the team did give us a scare right at the start. they were mighty late.

Patient Atul is Patient

We texted him an apology. He was already in touch with a member of our Communications team. We apologized again, our home cleaning team had clearly run into unforseen traffic trouble. Powai is, after all, far from where we are based. We are grateful that he was patient with us, and was quite alright with the delay. I’m sure he hoped that the wait would be worth it, else we would have had it from him. We hoped for a good cleanup like never before.

Oh, the relief

Nothing really went wrong during the home cleaning session, and we heaved a major sigh of relief. We had no word from Atul throughout the session, but the team received constant updates from our Operations unit, and the slightest hint of an issue would have reached us. It did not, and we were happy. Quite curious to know what Atul’s take was, but we planned to call him the next day and ask for critical feedback. The day went smoothly.

Delighted Atul is Delighted

And late that evening, one of us received his text message and that sent a resounding cheer through our camps. Quoting Atul Sharma,

Mr. Homecare, I must compliment you for building a very committed team. The guys were awesome and most hardworking I have ever seen. May God bless you with all the success. Let me know at any time if you need my help. You have a very satisfied client and a good friend.”

He probably has no idea how much this meant to each one of us. We have had our share of customer service goof ups, scaling up a business is not easy and that did cost us a few times. But thanks to your love and support, we know we are on a right track. Thank you, Atul. Thank you, all of you.

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