Hammer and Mop in Bengaluru?

Sharing how Amit Mehta is keen to have a service similar to ours at Bengaluru but believes that Being Hammer and Mop is a different level altogether! Aww :D
Photo Courtesy: Vox Efx

A few emails from our patrons leave us speechless. We wrote about Awesome Amit yesterday, he had gifted a cleanup to his friend and (to everyone’s utter joy), it had been a delightful experience. Last week, we helped with a few basic tips (yeah, well, modesty is a virtue) for cleaning walls and he wrote in MAKING US FEEL LIKE ROCKSTARS.

“A Hearty Hello! Thank you for your kind advise. Am definitely going to follow that. You guys are simply genius. How I wish there was a similar service like yours in Bengaluru. But I guess being similar to and being Hammer and Mop are completely two different things. Having seen your service, commitment and result at my friend’s place, everything else looks pale to that.

And thank you for putting the mail and sharing the tips of cleaning the walls. Am sure it is going to help many like us who have some handy tips from Hammer and Mop to follow to keep their space as much clean as possible. Thank you for being there.”

Gawd, there is a lot of love in the email.
And we’ve gone weak at the knees.
This makes everything worth it.

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