For Awesome Expats in Mumbai!

Our Dear Ally

We understand that expat life is not like anything else in this world. The slow acclimatization, the first lessons as you learn the local dialect, understanding how the city (on this other side of the world) runs is an adventure in itself. We also believe that many of you don’t want to live like an expat, but interact a lot and live like a local. Well frankly, you do not need to “try and fit in”. You’ll fit in snugly just right. Mumbai welcomes you.We’re glad you’re right in the eye of the storm! :)

Hammer & Mop welcomes you to Mumbai. We’re excited yet slightly apologetic for how quirky things might occasionally get. We’re proud and happy to have been allied with the Writer Expat Club as an exclusive cleaning services partner for its esteemed members. Having served numerous clients from all parts of the world who make this city their home (for a few months to a few years), sharing the likes & dislikes- we’re keen to tailor our offering so it suits you best.

Essential Cleaning Services

Essential Cleanup

If you need us, we’re just a call/email/tweet away. Hammer & Mop can make your home, room, washroom, shelf, kitchen cabinets or even your terrace sparkling clean- by getting rid of dust, cob webs, stains, dirt and molds. For everything ‘cleaning’, we’re to your rescue. Our teams are trained, courteous, punctual, reliable and trustworthy. Our supervisors and managers are a bunch of motivated, fair minded taskmasters. We understand your requirements and deliver on your expectations, if not more.

Trust us to be good :) Best wishes.

  2 comments for “For Awesome Expats in Mumbai!

  1. Ramprasad Padhi
    January 28, 2014 at 8:12 am

    Awesome… Sharing this on my FB Pages…

    • hammerandmop
      January 28, 2014 at 8:26 am

      Super! :) Thanks!

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