Doing a Caesar for Santoshi Jain

Hammer and Mop shares how delightful it has been having Santoshi Jain as a patron, and how her warm testimonial on Facebook made us weak at the knees.
Pic Courtesy: Ryan-o

Like a perfect cup of coffee! Santoshi Jain had called us last month and unfortunately, we were packed on the date she required the service. Sushrut understood what options she is considering, and asked her to opt for one of the aggregators for the time being for both – sanitization and home cleaning.

“You are not a very good salesman,” commented Santoshi then and we explained (with a smile) why her convenience is way more important than our ringing cash registers.

Why we are not very good salespeople

That’s because we understand (and believe in) service. Santoshi’s child has a dust allergy so fine cleaning was essential before moving in. A normal one was workable at the start (so we suggested a lower priced aggregator option) and we assured the customer that our mattress sanitization partners are the same ones who would provide the services through the platform.

It made sense for Hammer and Mop to come in when the cleaning HAD to be impeccable (rather risk our necks then). Santoshi, as a patron, is someone to be feared. Her email outlined her requirements with excruciating detail, and there was no room for risks. We took certain precautions and hoped for the best.

Her uber warm testimonial on Facebook

They came, they cleaned, they conquered (my heart).
And it ain’t that easy. I get turned on by the smell of Clorox and Dettol not perfume. So to see visibly the dust and dust mites out of the brand new mattresses made me their customer for life! Now this was the day before we moved on April 20.

This was when our friends had efficiently carried out the sanitization service.

Now the cleanup:

Take 2 – May 26, the whole entourage has been home scrubbing and polishing. The supervisor isn’t lax but a superstar governing and designating each area. They completed it room by room to accommodate my kids’ convenience when they returned from school. And the floor.. Oh my Lord the floor.. Scrubbed it by hand paying painstaking attention to each corner and squeegee’d it out. And the insides of the wardrobes.. OO LA LA.. all the grime is finally finally out. Thank you team Hammer and Mop & supervisor Nilesh & exuberant Jude & vivacious Sushrut. My brand new house is finally looking brand new!”

Hammer and Mop shares how delightful it has been having Santoshi Jain as a patron, and how her warm testimonial on Facebook made us weak at the knees.
From our Facebook page.

And she narrated an interesting incident

“Dude you have no idea. I walked in yesterday morning to my daughter’s room and something felt amiss. She has a whole wall panel dedicated to blackboard faced cupboards and they were crisp and black instead of pink and blue and every hue. Your guys cleaned that out as well! It wasn’t even in your list of deliverables. It’s great, I swear, the thought process.¬†The husband, a baniya, so believes in you all that he wants me to do the quarterly service more than I want to. Speaks volumes :)”

We’re truly blessed to have them as patrons :)

Thanks a bunch, Santoshi!

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