Difference between a Vacuum and a Sanitizing Vacuum

Hammer and Mop, alongwith partners 3H, explains what makes upholstery sanitization & dustmite removal an effective solution against allergies, eczema & asthma.
House dust mite (Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus). Mite length = 0.3 mm

As an integral part of Hammer and Mop cleanups, upholstery units (sofa seats, chairs, mattresses) are vacuumed – thus removing the surface dust. Since all areas are being dusted and wiped clean, it is best to not let the upholstery units be. However, during the course of multiple conversations with our patrons, we have realized the slight misunderstanding between the scope of a regular vacuum cleaner and the one we use for sanitizing. Thought it best to highlight the difference:

What is Upholstery Sanitization?

The process primarily tackles asthma and allergy causing microbes known as dust mites. We first run a high powered vacuum machine (armed with HEPA filter), followed by UV-C sterilization and an anti-allergen spray. This removes all dust & particulate pollutants from the textile material, and kills the dust mites.

Can I vacuum my own upholstery?

We’re afraid you cannot, because traditional vacuum cleaners lack the suction-power required to remove dust mites, bacteria, and other allergy triggering debris. Their stiff bristles damage upholstery and they do not have the all-important, germicidal UV-C lamp.

But they sell those fancy things in retail stores now.

The fancy little toys might be a good buy for thin sheets but what we use is a industrial grade machine which is three times as powerful, which goes up to 8 inches deep into the fabric (i.e. the entire mattress) and the UV-C radiation is industrial grade as well, thus ensuring that it means business.

What is UV-C light?

UV-C is a powerful, highly concentrated light that exists in the invisible, germicidal, ultra-violet spectrum. It penetrates thin-walled germs such as viruses and bacteria, and kills 99.9% of them by altering their genetic structure, destroying the problem at source. For these reasons, UV-C light has been consistently used for over a century for purifying drinking water and sterilizing medical instruments.

Not entirely convinced. Will covering the mattress work?

When used on a brand new mattress, a protective cover delays the time taken by new mites to enter the mattress. New mattresses are wrapped in an incredibly dusty warehouse by the manufacturer, and thus they come loaded with mites. On an older mattress, protective covers merely cover up the problem itself. A regular sanitizing schedule, therefore, is the recommended path. A few testimonials for our sanitization partners.

It is not a pretty problem to solve, but quite an essential one. We’d be happy to help you clean up all your upholstery units – mattresses, curtains, duvets, pillows, car interiors, sofas and even soft toys.

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