Cruises and Clean Spaces

Our Dear Ally

Why in the world is a cleaning company even talking to an amazing young startup that’s neck deep into luxury cruise holidays? Hammer & Mop provides premium cleaning services while Cruise Club can help you choose the perfect luxury cruise holiday across the world. Following is the synergy we believe exists-

  • We believe in providing you with all the support necessary to help you save time and make the best decisions- may it be maintaining your property or choosing the right holiday.
  • This, by investing in and developing strong communication channels with you, our patrons :) This, to ensure we understand what you want to say, and we understand what you want us to do for you.
  • Hammer & Mop believes in holidays and luxury. Cruise Club believes in a strong service culture and consistency. This helped us fall in love with each other. And we decided to take the association ahead.

We’re happy, we’re excited, and we look forward to building an interesting future together¬†:)

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