Critical Feedback from Anupriya

At Hammer and Mop, we believe in delivering a superior home cleaning experience across Mumbai. Sharing how a customer shared their frank critical feedback.
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We launched our existence with home cleaning across Mumbai, and have since then quite passionate about the whole affair. At Hammer and Mop, we focused on the finer aspects of deep cleaning – for homes and offices. We focused on how our teams behaved while at your space, how they respected the surroundings, your belongings and ensured that every corner is sparkling clean. In your joy, we found ours, and that kept us going for four amazing years. We can never thank Mumbai enough for the love it showered upon us.

We are now bigger and better

Last year, when we merged with Mr. Homecare, we did so with a major intention of being better than what we were. There is a difference between between a small boutique setup and a growing company is sheer scale and an ability to serve more customers every passing day.

While we always had the luxury to serve a customer in an immaculate manner, we could not serve more and that left us a bit unhappy. It is a wonderful feeling to deliver a clean home, and we always wished we could deliver more, and across Delhi and Bangalore as well.

The catch

It is easy to deliver superior service when we deliver 10 cleanups a day. The task becomes increasingly complex when we start delivering more than 50 a day. As we activate our feedback loop to improve on various quarters, a lot of things stay broken as we grow rapidly.

In this essay on Blitz Scaling by Reid Hoffman, he explains:

“Almost every blitz scaling org that I have seen up close has a lot of internal unhappiness. Fuzziness about roles and responsibilities, unhappiness about the lack of a clearly defined sandbox to operate in.

“Oh my God, it’s chaos, this place is a mess.” The thing that keeps these companies together—whether it’s PayPal, Google, eBay, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter—is the sense of excitement about what’s happening and the vision of a great future. Because I’m part of a team that’s doing something big, I’ll work through my local unhappiness.

Sure, I’d like a tidier sandbox, I’d like to be more efficient, I’d like the organization to be run more smoothly. But I’m willing to let it go because the pain will be worth it.”

We understand that our blitz scaling cannot be pitched to our customers for a faltering service experience. As a result, our communication is transparent, prompt and sincere. We do believe in good service, and we are getting there.

Anupriya Gupta was not a happy customer

We had served Anupriya Gupta with a home cleaning session once, for her Mumbai residence. It is sweet of her to mention the good experience. It hurts us to know that her second service experience was not smooth, and all of our teams sprung into action on receiving her frank feedback.

At Hammer and Mop, we believe in delivering a superior home cleaning experience across Mumbai. Sharing how a customer shared their frank critical feedback.
Anupriya Gupta’s feedback on Mr. Homecare’s Google+ profile

We are keen to know how your experience has been, and critical feedback always helps. Our phone line (9022070070) and email ID ( is always accessible to record a complaint. There are times when our patrons prefer expressing themselves on social media, and we take note.

We are sorry for the sad experience, Anupriya. We promise to pull up our socks.

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