Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Hammer and Mop shares how to execute commercial kitchen cleaning, by using food grade cleaning solutions and offering consistent quality to dear patrons.
courtesy: Steve Larkin

We are in love with the way we transform commercial kitchens in use (or being constructed) into sparkling clean ‘work’ stations which are ready to whip out delicious food! It is a tricky proposition to take on such assignments, but our reputation of serving homes and offices for deep cleaning helped close the deals!

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Details

Restaurants and Specialty kitchens are usually open all days of the week and the only time they are  available for deep cleaning teams is night time! during most of our cleaning sessions, our teams have arrived at the stroke of midnight and worked their way till early dawn.

Deep Cleaning session for a top to bottom and inside out affair which ensured that most stains & spills were cleaned off the gleaming steel surfaces. The cleaning solutions we used were food grade, and made the kitchen sparkling clean again. On some areas, steam was used for better results.

Do our patrons like us?

Yes, they do! From a famous biryani chef to the most celebrated chef in the country, from the best ice cream shop in Mumbai or a popular restaurant chain that offers Thai cuisine, from Burger King to Harry’s – we have cleaned their kitchens and continue to do so. Their continued patronage means the world to us.

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