Cleanest Workspaces [Mumbai]

We‘re very happy to announce a hunt for the cleanest work spaces in Mumbai, along with Ministry of New. That is probably because our dear ally (Ministry of New, of course) loves bringing people together and to make the craziest ideas reality. This recipe of circumstances has resulted in their very existence. Oh yes, we love this innovative and creative studio sitting in the heart of Mumbai.

And there’s us, we believe that everything in the world has the potential to be cleaner and better than before. Plus, we admire the efforts of our fellow humans striving to keep their work spaces so clean. This directly affects the employee mindset and the atmosphere, boosting productivity to (pleasantly) surprising levels! YES, we do need to scout for these awesome cleanest work spaces in Mumbai so we can observe and learn from the masters.

We’re looking for an office/co working space that you believe is sparkling clean. We would love to speak to the Admin dept. or the Owners.

What will we be talking about?

We would love to have a look around while understanding how they manage to keep the usually messy areas (washrooms, lobbies and pantries) so darn clean. We will note down the processes and feature the heroes behind the success. Feel free to not share trade secrets, our (and your) readers are here to admire you, not steal from you :)

What is the goal?

The goal is to showcase the real heroes who manage to do their job so well. The goal is promote the CEOs and Owners of spaces who are clearly very passionate about details and work space atmosphere. It excites and inspires us to meet such amazing fellow humans. We’ll be featuring them here on our blog!

Help us out! Do refer :)

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