Clean & Decluttered Homes Sell Faster!

We came across this article today. It states that decluttered homes sell faster. And you’ll need to keep the following points in mind-

  • Make your homes as per buyer’s imagination
  • Make sure you exhibit adequate storage space
  • Be clear about all potential and underlying problems
  • Organize & Declutter

And as a cherry on the top, we believe, have a Moving-Out Cleanup done to ensure that all the corners, crevices, lofts, shelves, washrooms, windows are sparkling clean. A clean home radiates good health and (in the words of our client Ms. Gardner-Smith) there is always a “general brightness and cheerfulness around the newly dusted home”!

A cleaner, decluttered home is sure to help you sell your property faster and at better rates. Do let us know if we can help! :)

love and peace

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