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Cruises and Clean Spaces

Why in the world is a cleaning company even talking to an amazing young startup that’s neck deep into luxury cruise holidays? Hammer & Mop provides premium cleaning services while Cruise Club can help you choose the perfect luxury cruise holiday across the world. Following is the synergy we believe exists- We believe in providing you with all the support… Read more →

For Awesome Expats in Mumbai!

We understand that expat life is not like anything else in this world. The slow acclimatization, the first lessons as you learn the local dialect, understanding how the city (on this other side of the world) runs is an adventure in itself. We also believe that many of you don’t want to live like an expat, but interact a lot… Read more →

A Helping Hand & A Quick Errand

Working in a young company isn’t as easy as it seems. You feel like you can control every aspect of it, and be prepared for every situation. However, reality often has a different plan. Every once in a while, it comes along and rudely shoves us around. Payments to be collected, cleaning materials to be picked up, and we run… Read more →