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Hammer and Mop shares some great hacks to get over the pet fur problem, and have a happy clean home.

Tackle the Pet Fur Problem

Is greater part of your day spent Fussing about your pet’s loose fur on your furniture, carpets, clothes and flooring? Worry no more as we bring to you some great hacks to tackle excessive hair shedding in dogs and cats. Hair shedding is a normal occurrence when it comes to these animals. You certainly cannot stop this phenomenon where the animal… Read more →

A Happy Customer – Neha Bansal

Cleaning is an intimate business, and trust plays a major role in selecting the home cleaning company to do the job. As a result, it is through our experience that we have realized – we need to pay more attention in ensuring transparent communication than offering any further frills to the service. Customers care about getting the job done, in… Read more →

Great Ways Your Kitchen Can be Improved

Great Ways Your Kitchen Can be Improved

Your kitchen is perhaps the most important room in your whole home. It’s where you get together with your family to eat food and discuss the day’s events. So, here are some great ways to improve yours. Organise the Drawers When was the last time you tried to organise the drawers in your kitchen? Most people let their drawers get… Read more →

Usha Ramachandran and her Glowing Feedback

Helping Usha Ramachandran move into her old Mumbai home was a one of a kind experience. She had called us a month in advance, adjusting the cleanup around her travel plans. Her requirements were specific, since the residence was going to be unused and quite filthy. We were supposed to ensure that it is sparkling clean thus ensuring a good… Read more →

Hammer and Mop for Real Estate Professionals!

We’re really good friends with numerous real estate professionals, involved in selling and leasing of residential and commercial properties. These are some of the best in business, and we share the penchant for delivering valuable service. Their customers prefer moving into sparkling clean properties, and we thus make a real estate professional’s life real easy. Pro Realtors recommends Hammer and… Read more →

In love with Nestopia :)

We met Nestopia a few months back and realized that both of us interact with the same pool of brilliant architects and interior designers! There was obvious synergy and we became buddies in no time. As we work on taking our alliance further, Nestopia was sweet enough to have a feature on us on their popular blog! Thank you for… Read more →