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Clean Up Home Clutter With These Tips

There are a couple of reasons why you might want your home to look clean and free of clutter. You might be looking to sell your home soon, and you know homes that look bigger sell for a better price. Or, you may just want your house to be a more comfortable place to live. Either way, we have got… Read more →

How To Stop Your Plumbing From Becoming A Problem

Plumbing is often the biggest problem that any homeowner will face. Trying to maintain a boiler or household pipes is not an easy job. Within a matter of seconds, it could all go wrong and ruin your house. What makes it even worse is that plumbing is complicated and dangerous. So, you can’t, or you shouldn’t, try to fix the… Read more →

Better Cleanups at Ahmedabad

In continuation to this post highlighting how we train your domestic housekeeping staff, would love to highlight one of our successful projects, in a wonderfully sleepy city of Ahmedabad (Gujarat). We were honored to have been invited by one of the most influential families in the city, to work with their domestic staff of 12, to empower them to deliver… Read more →

How to Control Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have the potential to be a massive pain, and it is crucial to have a stern pest control session conducted to root them out. Especially in Mumbai and Bangalore, with their humid weather. While they start by infesting mattresses and pillows, bed bugs thrive in wooden crevices, blankets and dusty corners of your bedroom. They creep out at… Read more →

Upholstery + Pets = Asthma + Allergies

We had never expected our upholstery to be so dirty. When we vacuum it, we’re under the illusion of it being cleaned. Mumbai is quite dusty, much like other Indian cities. Majority of dust inside our homes is full of dead skin cells and particulate pollutants. Regular Vacuuming is not enough. At Hammer and Mop, being closely involved in the… Read more →

Keeping Your Home Cleaner in a Season of Sniffles

A dear patron recommended we write about keeping our homes cleaner since it is a season of respiratory ailments, so here we go! It is that time of the year again, when seasons change and minor infections come creeping into our homes. Runny noses, coughs and burning eyes are common phenomena and not quite something that’s desirable. While there are a… Read more →

How To Clean Your Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a happy place for most people, it stocks up the best food products, the wondrous drinks and healthy fruits. With storage, come deposits which settle into the corners and stink away (over a period of time). Just like it is essential for us to detoxify our body, it is crucial for us to clean the refrigerator every… Read more →

Moving Soon? Don’t Forget These 5 Items.

This is a guest post by one of our best allies on things to remember while moving homes. MumbaiProperties has a well-deserved reputation for exemplary levels of service and results, gained through a commitment to the highest professional standards for the last 10 years. MumbaiProperties is owned by Pinnacle Realty, which has been in the Realty Consulting business since 1994. Respected by our… Read more →

Cleaning Windows and Mini Blinds

Cleaner the windows, cleaner the world seems. Many of us are fond of the full length or sealed windows at our homes and offices. However, if we do not use the right methods to clean them, the surfaces deteriorate and they do not look good enough. Maintaining and cleaning our possessions is essential. Why Clean the Windows and the Mini… Read more →

How to Choose the Right Cleaning Company?

This is an eternal question, and Hammer and Mop owes its very existence to it. After spending three years in this industry and working closely with our patrons to understand what is relevant to them, we can confidently state that the following factors play an important role in choosing the right cleaning company for your home or office. Are they… Read more →

Having a Birth Plan :)

Yowoto and Janice Goveas being awesome, they allowed us to share some amazing content from their platform. We are fans because Janice is a young Mom who writes very well on issues that concern most of us on a daily basis. Note: A birth plan doesn’t have a set pattern but is unique for every individual. What is a birth… Read more →