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Cleaning for a Reason - Debbie Sardone

Cleaning for a Reason

Thanks to AchhiKhabre, we came across Cleaning for a Reason which is spearheaded by Debbie Sardone. The not-for-profit organization provides home cleaning services for free to thousands of women battling cancer. Apart from being helpful, the therapeutic effect of cleanliness helps them cope and heals. We’re grateful for their efforts and the positive change they are leading :) Read more →

Gauri Oak - Hammer and Mop

How Gauri Oak Leads from the Top

When we sought a Stannis Baratheon to lead our operations with renewed vigor (the post highlighting the need), we hadn’t expected someone who identifies herself with Arya Stark to be so firmly at the helm in just a week’s time. Hammer and Mop was going through a certain transition at that time, and we knew that we had to find… Read more →

Clean Engagement on Instagram

Hammer and Mop is on Instagram! We have made 200+ buddies already and are sharing things which catch our keen eye, and ask questions which otherwise bug us. Instagram, like our Facebook,¬†Twitter and Google+ presence, is giving us a chance to actively engage with our friends leading to fascinating conversations. We are a bunch of writers and poets and photographers… Read more →

We need you to refer us.

Hammer and Mop is a premium cleaning company, and we started three years back from scratch. By the term ‘scratch’, we mean that we started without knowing anything about the business we were getting into. However, there was a keen desire to learn and do some real good for you (the patrons). We always knew how we would like to… Read more →

Is Hammer and Mop a Million Dollar Idea?

Sri Varshan was kind enough to ask us this question recently. He has launched the Million Dollar Ideas platform to enable storytellers like us to share what got us started and what kept us going. Being a good apple that he is, we also ended up being the first idea to be featured! Complete with an epic team picture (above)… Read more →

Phone Down. Please Email. We’re Sorry.

Dear folks, our phone line is currently down (and out). While we’re working hard to get it fixed, please feel free to get in touch with us on- email (, or reach out to Jude (+91 9930617921) and Sushrut (+91 9920779799) directly. We’re always available to help you out.¬†Thanks for being patient with us. Read more →

Why Cleaning is a Beautiful Business

A business is a mere commercial transaction between two parties. Organizations which harness the capability to add beauty to it end up creating promising experiences for customers, leading to a generous amount of ‘stickiness’ (also known as customer loyalty). Not unlike a lump of clay, the team behind every organization decides what shape to assign to the clay’s brilliance. It… Read more →

After Party Cleanups and The Asian Age

At Hammer and Mop, we’re a simple lot. Our days are usually made with a customer’s smile, a happy email, a fulfilling cleanup and a media feature! Our Wednesday was made pretty awesome by an amazing feature on our After Party Cleanups by The Asian Age, who wrote about us in their Mumbai supplement. What are After Party Cleanups? One… Read more →

Bangalore Mirror Being Awesome!

Last week, we were pleasantly surprised when Sowmya Rajaram from Bangalore Mirror got in touch for some questions on keeping our homes sparkling clean. Cleaning is therapeutic, and an activity that can be broken down into smaller units so it doesn’t overwhelm. Though the presence of professional (and premium) cleaning services (us!) helps in monthly/bimonthly sessions, daily upkeep is something… Read more →

Hammer and Mop is on Haptik!

Termed as ‘Whatsapp for service providers’, Haptik is here to revolutionize the way customers interact with the service providers they work with. While we have been fortunate to have a steady relationship with our patrons, it made sense to open up a new communication channel. Yep, Hammer and Mop is on Haptik! Sushrut accesses this channel, and we’re available for… Read more →

We are listening.

I write this as Founder and MD at Hammer and Mop, feeling overwhelmed on this rainy evening as I think about the short journey of the past 2+ years, and how this kiddo has grown. It turns 3 very soon. What we do, where we’ve been. We offer premium and professional cleaning services to homes and offices across Mumbai, and… Read more →

Hammer and Mop for Residential Societies!

We have been performing individual residential cleanups for almost three years, and we’re happy to launch special packages for residential societies, making it easier for all the residents to use and schedule our home cleaning services! What would a special package include? Essentially, we would be building tailor-made packages for each society, understanding the requirements and preferences of the residents.… Read more →