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Better ways to keep your home clean

Training Your Domestic & Housekeeping Staff

Hammer and Mop provides premium cleaning and professional upkeep services to homes and offices across Mumbai. We have built a solid reputation of good customer service and consistent quality. Since many of our patrons are HNIs and expatriates, we understand what it takes to deliver a good cleaning service. A few testimonials. Incorporated in 2011, it has been an amazing… Read more →

Introducing Steam+ Sofa Cleaning

At almost 4 years of age, we are happy to be the pioneer of professional and premium sofa cleaning in the country. However, one isn’t the king when one has to call himself a king – one needs to walk the talk. At Hammer and Mop, we are excited to announce the launch of Steam+ Sofa Cleaning for our patrons.… Read more →

Difference between a Vacuum and a Sanitizing Vacuum

As an integral part of Hammer and Mop cleanups, upholstery units (sofa seats, chairs, mattresses) are vacuumed – thus removing the surface dust. Since all areas are being dusted and wiped clean, it is best to not let the upholstery units be.¬†However, during the course of multiple conversations with our patrons, we have realized the slight misunderstanding between the scope… Read more →

The Spirit Workshop

We recently had a call from Ajay who is moving into the city. Though the cleaning problem was taken care of, he was keen to have his upholstery (fabric sofa seats and mattresses) sanitized & disinfected. We happily agreed to schedule his session – where we use a high powered vacuum machine armed with a HEPA filter to vacuum out… Read more →

How to Control Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have the potential to be a massive pain, and it is crucial to have a stern pest control session conducted to root them out. Especially in Mumbai and Bangalore, with their humid weather. While they start by infesting mattresses and pillows, bed bugs thrive in wooden crevices, blankets and dusty corners of your bedroom. They creep out at… Read more →

Upholstery + Pets = Asthma + Allergies

We had never expected our upholstery to be so dirty. When we vacuum it, we’re under the illusion of it being cleaned. Mumbai is quite dusty, much like other Indian cities. Majority of dust inside our homes is full of dead skin cells and particulate pollutants. Regular Vacuuming is not enough. At Hammer and Mop, being closely involved in the… Read more →

Cleaning for a Reason - Debbie Sardone

Cleaning for a Reason

Thanks to AchhiKhabre, we came across Cleaning for a Reason which is spearheaded by Debbie Sardone. The not-for-profit organization provides home cleaning services for free to thousands of women battling cancer. Apart from being helpful, the therapeutic effect of cleanliness helps them cope and heals. We’re grateful for their efforts and the positive change they are leading :) Read more →

How Hammer and Mop Empowers

At Hammer and Mop, we are a service company hard nosed about customer expectations and experience. As a result, since we employ our teams, it is essential for us to ensure skills training and development. As we grow, strengthening our ‘supply’ side by investing in skills training and development is something we cannot do without. It has always been about… Read more →

Choosing between Caregiving and Work?

At Hammer and Mop, we make it a point to stay updated on industry trends and learning from the best. Harvard Business Review is one of our favorite publications, and in this particularly well written piece (No One Should Have to Choose Between Caregiving and Work by Jody Gastfriend), they highlight an important issue which plays a major role in… Read more →

What do your Cleanliness Habits say about you?

We have always wondered the relation between our mindset and decluttering spaces. Being voracious readers that we are, the Internet came up with fascinating theories which we thought we should be compiling for you! says you have style. They mention (and we agree) that having a clean, newly-tidied desk is a pleasure something on par with taking a relaxing… Read more →

Why Cleaning is a Beautiful Business

A business is a mere commercial transaction between two parties. Organizations which harness the capability to add beauty to it end up creating promising experiences for customers, leading to a generous amount of ‘stickiness’ (also known as customer loyalty). Not unlike a lump of clay, the team behind every organization decides what shape to assign to the clay’s brilliance. It… Read more →

Baby Cleanups = Pre Natal Cleanups

We launched Baby Cleanups around a year back. They are designed to suit young parents and their newborn kiddos as they step (or are carried/cradled) into their first room. Keeping in mind the level of hygiene that needs to be maintained for a newborn to thrive in, we take extra care that the cleanup is just the way you want… Read more →

These go right where they belong.

As we trot around the city cleaning homes, we encounter multiple shelves and wardrobes and cupboards full of ‘stuff’ that has to be moved around and dusted. These areas form an essential part of homes and offices, the trick lies in treating them right. We’d like our team members to have a determined chin at the prospect of moving stuff… Read more →

Hammer and Mop (cleaning business for homes and offices across Mumbai) writes about the services it provides to clean and maintain art & paintings.

Cleaning Paintings!

Many of our patrons invest in and collect art, many of them are passionate about it and some of them are talented artists themselves. While performing cleanups at their residences and studios, we have realized that paintings need to be treated with love and care. We clean them up too, in addition to the remaining surfaces & crevices. Keeping the… Read more →