Blunder and a Turnaround

This is our second Blunder + Turnaround tale. I remember speaking to a prospective client a few months back but we weren’t able to schedule her cleanup for some reason. She was very kind and spoke to one of her friends about us. And Ms. Sidhwani got in touch with us for a cleanup!

She wanted us to showcase whether we can really meet her expectations and asked for a sample cleanup of her living room. We confirmed a date for her and the week slowly passed. As the date neared, we had somehow blundered our schedule and Ms. Sidhwani’s cleanup was no longer visible. As a result, till I received a text from our hassled client, we had completely forgotten about her sample cleanup!

Feeling really awful, we apologized for being so silly and promised to not let this happen again. Soon, we had another date fixed and hoped and hoped that she thinks we’re good enough. Imagine our relieved grin when she mailed in this after the cleanup! :)

 Testimonial- Ms. Sidhwani

Like MissMalini, she made our April too. I guess you all do, wonderful wonderful people.

love and peace

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