Beds are the cleanest things around to cuddle up on.

Hammer and Mop shares how allergies and infections can be commonly due to unclean beds and upholstery. Sanitisation is effective. Avoid Asthma.

NOT. Probably because <insert rambling about endless bacteria and dust particles err, mites being present all around you> and that is why beds, like all the other surfaces, do have the innate potential to be cleaner and better than they are. While sheets can be laundered and pillows can be washed, the mattress does remain ignored.

What crawls underneath those layers? What excretes?

Keeping the language as less technical as possible, we can state that our skin (the thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person) exfoliates (be shed from a surface in scales or layers or bits and pieces) and the hungry mattress laps it all up. This invites teeny weeny beings known as Dust Mites who gobble up the dead exfoliated skin particles and excrete them out. Once this has been done and the primary objective has been achieved, their feces attracts their attention and that is gobbled up as a part of a fantastic feast too. This is done over and over again. Everything, with all its glory, in your mattress. On your bed. Where you sleep every night. And cuddle with your beloved.

So, erm, to put it aptly- Ewww.

Precisely. Therefore, we stress upon the fact that your bed might not be the cleanest place to cuddle up with your beloved right now but it has the potential to be, if your mattress is being cleaned regularly. There are two ways to go about it-

  • You can either have it steam cleaned
    (a process rarely found in the Sovereign Secular Fabulous Socialist Republic of India) or,
  • You can have it deep vacuumed followed by UV treatment.
    A process in which we excel.

The amount of dust and excreta that comes out of an average mattress is astounding and creeps us out. We’d like to keep your mattresses clean, along with the rest of your beautiful residence. Always here for you :)

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