Anecdotes today :)

MissMalini being awesome.

MissMalini, one of our best clients, thus made our April. And that set us thinking- are we really the best cleanup service in the city? Can we be? What would be the essential criterion for being the best? Client delight, we believe. And we’d love to achieve that level of client delight. So we remembered a few good times when we had interesting experiences with dear affable customers.

Walking into Glass Doors

We were at a spacious 4BHK residence in Bandra last year when our team was working in the living room. The big glass doors acting as a partition were closed, recently cleaned. In a matter of 60 minutes, the security personnel walked straight into the glass no less than three times! “We were half convinced they’re planning to break the glass down,” Anand (our team supervisor) had chuckled.

MissMalini Surprise

Hammer & Mop first encountered Ms. Malini Agarwal (we didn’t know she is MissMalini then) through Luxury Limo, with whom we had done a small promotion campaign. On the first cleanup, we reached woefully late and that had Ms. Agarwal pretty upset, quite understandably. But at the end of the day, we managed to make her happy with the work that we’d done. We were mighty relieved and as a cherry on the top, she asked us to check out her blog,, where she’d mentioned us! An awesome surprise!

National Anthem Incident

A client working away in his living room while we had our attendant, Pankaj, cleaning the windows. A school nearby ended their morning session with the national anthem playing loudly. While the client had second throughts about standing up, he was surprised to see our attendant stopping his work and standing still. Amazed, our dear client (who wishes to stay unnamed) stood up as well till the national anthem ended. And after sharing a slight smile, both individuals went back to their work again.

Gold All Around and Not a Second Glance

We had our client from Ghatkopar praise our team for their honesty and helpful nature. They had helped her move things around the house, which is clearly out of the scope of their assigned work. Also, when jewellery and cash were around while the work was on, our client noticed that none of them even paid a second glance at the valuables. We’d never been so proud of our team before.

Some Compliments Overheard and Direct

  • “What a good job your team has done, hero!”- our first celebrity client to our co-founder & MD, Sushrut. He especially appreciated the way we’d treated his wooden shelves and panels.
  • “We use Hammer & Mop, they are damn good!”, overheard our Juhu client talking to her neighbor :)
  • “Your team was very courteous, polite, clean, well spoken!”
  • “I wanted to send you an email complimenting your team for their thoroughness and attention to detail. It is rare to find that level of service. Another excellent experience with Hammer & Mop. Keep it up.”

Blowing Our Own Trumpet?

Well, we don’t mean to. But we love to share and write about all the love that we receive. Being in existence for only 15 months, we’re young and enthusiastic! And this warm response to our efforts adds to our passion and focus.

We Want To Be The Best, If We Aren’t Already

Indeed. And that’s why our ears and eyes are open to feedback. We seek to learn, improve and deliver the best we can to your doorstep, with a smile. Because you deserve the best cleanup in the city.

love and peace

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