An Expert’s Guide To Cleaning Your Light Fittings


As we say at Hammer and Mop, a clean home is a happy home. No matter how often you clean your home, there is one area that you will forget to clean – the light fixtures. Even the most stringent of cleaners, often end up with light fittings and fixtures in need of a dust.

In addition to ruining the clean look of your home, a dirty light fixture can also affect how well the light works. Dirt can not only prevent light shining properly, but it can also cause the fixture to work incorrectly. That’s why, making time to clean your light fittings is so important.

To help you keep your lights working well, here are a few useful cleaning tips:

Remove the glass

One way you can make keeping your lights clean easier is by removing the glass when you clean them. If your home has specialist lighting installed, before cleaning them, consult the design company that you used. Ask the safest way to remove the glass, to prevent any damage occurring.

When it comes to bespoke lighting fittings, often there is a certain way to remove the glass. So it’s important to find out what this is to prevent the lighting being damaged while cleaned. Custom designed lighting can be expensive, so when cleaning it, it’s important to take extra care.

Be careful of the bulbs

When cleaning the light bulbs, make sure to check how hot they are before touching them. If you clean a hot light bulb, not only can you burn yourself, but you could also end up damaging it. (As light bulbs heat up, they become weaker, and so can break more easily.)

Don’t make the mistake of using cleaning products, instead use a dry cloth to wipe bulbs clean. If there are any marks on the light bulb that won’t come off with a dry cloth, unscrew the bulb and use a damp cloth to clean the stain.

Take your time

You will find that the more simple the light design, the easier it is to clean. For instance, spotlights are relatively simple to clean, while a chandelier can be a nightmare.

For intricate light fixtures, start off by using a feather duster to clean them. Follow this by using a light cleaning spray – we use vinegar and water, on the fixture. All you need to do is spray it on and leave it to drip any dirt off – once dry; you can then use a cloth to polish it.

Clean lights regularly

By taking the time to clean your light fittings regularly, you can make keeping them clean easier. If dust and dirt is left to build up, cleaning your lights can be incredibly time-consuming. However, if they are cleaned on a weekly basis, you can ensure that they stay looking good all the time.

If you don’t have the time to fit in cleaning your lights, hire a professional cleaning company to clean them for you. At Hammer and Mop, we always say that if you can’t keep on top of your home’s cleaning yourself, hiring an expert is best.

Cleaning your lights, whether custom designed or not, doesn’t have to be difficult. It might be a little harder than the rest of your housework, but cleaning your lights isn’t as tricky as you would think. The most important thing is to be gentle and never use a liquid based product on a light that’s turned on.

Trust this helps. Thanks!

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