Alliance with The Leather Laundry

Hammer and Mop is excited to have The Leather Laundry offer cleaning, coloring, refinishing, deodorizing & repairing services for your leather possessions.

Hammer and Mop has always had allies on board, offering parallel services to our many patrons. Leather has been a sensitive aspect of the cleaning sessions – it needs an expert hand. As a result, one of our favorite allies has been The Leather Laundry.

About the nice folks.

The founders of The Leather Laundry have been in the leather industry for 30 solid years. Based out of New Delhi, the parent company (a family enterprise) is one of India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of leather apparel and accessories. Having worked with some of the most coveted brands spanning over several continents, they take pride in claiming that they have the finest technical know-how of leather in the country.

They proudly boast of state-of-the-art facilities sprawling over several acres, along with a mammoth workforce and a huge collection of leathers, lining fabrics and trims of numerous qualities, colors and finishes on stock. The Leather Laundry is a second-generation initiative that is resolutely committed towards boosting the existing foundation and exploring newer horizons through focus, innovation and creativity.

Their dedicated team of expert technicians aims at using environment friendly practices, equipment and processes to ensure the highest quality cleaning. And Hammer and Mop is absolutely honored to have them on board for our patrons. The services they provide include:

Cleaning & Moisturizing

Recommended procedures of leather cleaning are used to remove stains and soil as well as to replenish vital oils and restore color. Stains are removed in the safest possible way to maintain the look, feel and delicate balance of oil in the animal hide. Moisture content and softness is also restored by applying a special topcoat of rehydrating creams.

Coloring and Refinishing

Their color-matching experts bring back color and softness that has been lost due to continued use, through the application of refinishing dyes and oils. They also fix non fast colors and restore colors that wear off during the normal cleaning procedure. The experts also specialize in changing/improving the texture and tone of leather. From minor touch-up’s and tone correction to recoloring and complete color restoration, they do it all!

Repairing and Replacement

Their trained tailoring workforce also helps meet the repair needs of your leather apparel and accessories, thus rendering them usable. They carry a huge array of hardware, lining fabrics and leathers (of all possible qualities and colors) on stock. Their skilled craftsmen use high quality thread to provide excellent stitch work that completely blends in with your product.

Pickup & Drop Service

Hammer and Mop is kicked to be their pickup and drop partners for the state of Maharashtra, and we look forward to helping you keep your exquisite leather positions in a really good shape. Thanks for your love and support :)

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