All About Carpet Cleaning

Hammer and Mop shares how carpet cleaning is an essential task for optimum hygiene levels at home, and to curb indoor pollution, ensuring personal well being.
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Carpet Cleaning is a task, but it is a necessary one. They are a major source of dust accumulation in the house. However, because carpets are usually filled with designs and colors, it acquires a somewhat deceptive appearance. As a result of this your carpet will continuously collect dust, and eventually lose its charm.

In order to keep your carpet stain, dust, and allergen free, it is advisable to apply for a periodic Carpet Cleaning Service. At Hammer and Mop, we understand the importance of having a clean carpet along with the aesthetic value it adds to your home, which is why we make it a point to remove every stain, and every speck of dust we possibly can.

How carpet cleaning helps tackle indoor pollution

Over and above the aesthetic factor, we also view this from a cleanliness standpoint. Especially for those families who own a pet, or families with little children, who spend a lot of time on these carpets making it easy to contract illnesses and allergies.

Indoor Pollution accounts for a majority of illnesses borne by children and senior citizens. In addition to dead skin cells – the dust particles, pet hair, dust mites and dirt are particulate pollutants which cause respiratory illnesses. Carpets offer an opportunity to these pollutants to get together and conspire against us, and that’s exactly why carpet cleaning ought to be a regular activity.

How is carpet cleaning done?

Carpets are cleaned via the method of Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning. This process involves applying cleaning foam on the carpet, and immediately vacuuming it. This method, unlike the name, is not completely dry, as the foam consists of a solution that is 90% air and 10% liquid. This method is commonly used as it is applicable for water sensitive, needle felt, and other carpet types. After this process, the carpet will further require some time to completely dry up.

In conclusion, Hammer and Mop looks forward to fulfilling your standards of carpet cleanliness and we’re just a phone call away from a clean carpet!

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