A visit by E-Cell (Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering, Bandra)

Team visiting us.

Thanks to an initiative (The Consultant’s Hat) by the Entrepreneurship Cell of Father Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering, we played host to a bright young bunch consisting mostly of first and second year students. We discussed our startup journey, where we currently stand, marketing concepts, service delivery, training methodology and everything that made us happy. Was good fun!

A week later, we were asked to review the reports written by them on their version of the discussion, the facts researched, the problems stated and the solutions suggested. Though the task was done, what we found exceptionally sweet was the praise showered upon us in reports made for their college project! It was so unexpected and sweet that we simply had to share the love with you, and here it goes. The chosen excerpts-

“But the fact which surprised me most is that they don’t spend too much of money on advertising and still there are number of blogs on internet which talk about their quality service which is really impressive. Open and frank environment in company really impresses visitors.”

“The firm faced a lot of competitors. However, the team’s technical know-how, and their quality services made them stand out in the market, making them one of the best in the city. The Bandra based company is up for more challenges and more glory, as the team strives hard to make itself the best cleaning service provider in Mumbai.”

“Inside the Hammer & Mop office, you will find it to be like the typical new wave start ups which we are hearing a lot about since last decade. The office is full with youth, enthusiasm vibrates with energy and activity. Like its founder, Sushrut Munje, one will find every employee to be focused, dedicated and relaxed. The office has a very light environment which is very important for it to attain maximum efficiency and also keep the staff happy.”

This was such a pleasant surprise! They didn’t have to write such positive, encouraging things but they did! And this is why there can never be anything like ‘too much love’ in this world. Thank you, dear students of Fr. CRCE. Thank you for choosing us, E-Cell. And thank you Aumkar, Vinay, Maanav, Nivedita and Shubhangi in particular.
Hammer & Mop owes you one!

Hammer & Mop

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  1. Aumkar
    July 12, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    Was a pleasure to be there! Learned so much!! Thanks a lot :D

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