A Thorough Cleanup For a Healthy Lifestyle Part 1: Asthma

Hammer and Mop shares how allergies and infections can be commonly due to unclean beds and upholstery. Sanitisation is effective. Avoid Asthma.

Recently we had the privilege of cleaning up an unused property, that had a severe dust problem. The client had even faced asthma problems due to the dust within the apartment. Before moving into the residence, our dear client asked us to do a complete, thorough cleanup of the entire property, and we happily obliged. Post the cleanup, when the client had moved and we were asked for her valuable feedback, we were completely delighted. Not only could the client use the sofa without triggering an asthma attack (an issue which they had faced before), she even spent the whole night at the house without any problems!

Asthma, as you all know, can be easily triggered by a variety of environmental factors, dust and pollution being the major. In a crowded city like Mumbai, where vehicles ply daily even on the quietest lanes, the problem of asthma reaches serious proportions. And the least we can do is maintain our homes, our ‘fortress of solitude’ (even Superman needed one) in a manner befitting a healthy lifestyle :)

We have compiled a few simple tips to help combat the increasing dust in the atmosphere. They are-

  • Regularly vacuuming all upholstery. Even those cute little pillows harbor vicious dust mites, so vacuum!
  • Dusting out all bedsheets, mattresses and sofa cushions on a regular basis. Get a house help or a friend to assist you in the task. After whacking all the pent up frustration of the week into your bed mattress, you start to feel pretty good about yourself, and the clean state of your bed.
  • Make sure you change sofa covers and other fabrics in your home very regularly. Not only will this help you wash out all the dirt and dust from the fabrics, but will give you ample opportunity to keep experimenting with the look of your house!

Maintaining a dust free home is not an easy task, but when it comes to health, we can’t accept any compromises. So we hope this small article helps our dear friends to keep their homes safe for their loved ones. This is the 1st article among many, which will focus on how maintaining a clean home has a direct and rewarding effect on your health :)

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