A Tale of Mutual Respect

Hammer and Mop shares a tale of empathy and admirable work culture as two colleagues take the initiative to mend fences and work happily ever after.
Pic Courtesy: Republic of Korea

Most of our stories focus on our patrons, and the first time customers. These experiences, worthy of being documented, lend to to our insights in this sector. It is not a one person’s job – but a collective pool of experiences drawn from all corners of Hammer and Mop. Right from our field teams to the office folk who hide from the sun for most of the day – everyone contributes to the soul. And so churn out the tales.

Running out of patience.

Managing operations can get tasking at times, especially when things are not running smoothly. We use public transport to find our way across the city, and it gets tricky when we can’t find any on the streets! During one such instance, our field manager lost his temper with the field supervisor – almost blaming the latter’s supposed incompetence to deliver what’s required of him. The supervisor took offense, stating that this manner of speech won’t be acceptable, considering that he toils hard with the team day after day. And then they went to and fro for a while, realized the futility in a while and hung up the call in a huff. They did go around delivering on their jobs for the rest of the day and we (the rest of us) didn’t really have a clue as to what is making them grumpy.

Empathy + Conscience strike back.

It seems that conscience kept gnawing at their insides all day long. As work hours came to an end, they confessed a certain unease to their respective colleagues and felt sorry for losing their temper at the other. It is sweet, considering that there was a strong sense of empathy which made them feel sorry. Encouraged by the team to make amends, they gave each other a call and apologized. They explained what had made them lose their temper, and that the words spoken were not to be taken to heart.

What makes us happy.

The feeling of ownership of the brand, the feeling of brotherhood, the presence of empathy, the courage to apologize and the fact that the anger didn’t keep their blood boiling for long. It is admirable that a minor dispute got resolved on its own, by the initiative of those involved. We are proud to have Roshan Raut and Nilesh Patil as our team members, we are happy that they are a bunch of jolly good human beings with hearts of gold.

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