A Helping Hand & A Quick Errand

Working in a young company isn’t as easy as it seems. You feel like you can control every aspect of it, and be prepared for every situation. However, reality often has a different plan. Every once in a while, it comes along and rudely shoves us around. Payments to be collected, cleaning materials to be picked up, and we run helter skelter to make sure all errands are done. ¬†And in such trying situations, MyPeon comes to our rescue.

MyPeon is our dear ally!

Founded by Bharat Ahirwar, MyPeon is a service that runs your errands for you, and charges you on a per task or per day basis. From daily simple tasks such as picking up your groceries from the supermarket to monotonous tasks such as standing in queues for long hours, they do it all. They have saved us precious time by helping us deliver invoices, pick up payments, pick up equipment and cleaning materials and transfer them to different sites.

The journey to being a great service is rocky and filled with uncertainities, but when we know we can depend on stalwarts like MyPeon to help us get our errands done on time, it makes the process so much more fun.

love and peace

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