5 Things you should NOT do while window cleaning

Hammer and Mop shares what you should and should do when having a window cleaning session underway. Using professional home cleaning companies is the best bet!

Window cleaning is pleasing to the eye, and to the mind. It makes for a delightful experience when you see the dirt slide down with the soapy liquid. Then there comes a time when you cannot tell whether the glass is present or not. Clean windows offer a cleaner vision of the world. Helps calm you down.

No matter what you do, you would better do it right. Even when you choose a professional home cleaning company, everyone makes mistakes. There are 5 major mistakes people make while cleaning windows:

Choosing a Sunny Day

If you decide to clean your windows on a hot sunny day, the cleaning agent you use will generally dry into the window before you get the time to wipe it off from there, and in turn it will leave streaks that are hard to remove and sticky. A better alternative would be to pick a dry and cloudy day. However, if you don’t have many options and you have to clean on a sunny day, start the cleaning on the shaded side of the house, or make sure your windows are well shaded before cleaning them.

Dusting the sills and sashes last

This is another big mistake made by most people. Cleaning the glass panes first will cause the cleaning agent, or any other liquid used, to drip down onto the sills and the sashes causing a muddy mess and more cleaning work for you. Ensure to always vacuum the frame, the sill, and the sash before starting to clean the glass surface of the window.

Using enough window cleaner

You must never hold out on the amount of window cleaner you use for cleaning the glass. The cleaning agent used is necessary to dissolve and suspend all the dirt before having it cleaned away. If you do use it sparingly, you might notice streaks on the glass panes, which are hard to remove.

Drying with newspaper

Many people swear by this misconception of using newspaper as a drying agent for windows. However, we have noticed that the use of newspapers are highly ineffective and very messy and sometimes leaves behind an odour. In order to dry out windows, it is better to use microfiber cloths as they are extremely absorbent, they can be easily washed, and they leave the glass shiny and streak-free.

Poor drying material

Paper towels are some of the worst drying material that can be used on windows. They leave behind lots of lint or they end up separating in two and are, in general, very messy. It is always better to use microfiber cloth for all the drying.

And the end of the day, we at Hammer and Mop are always here to help you with your window cleaning needs and we try to ensure that all your windows are spotless and clean.

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