Cleaning Droids Medium

Ah well, sounds too audacious? Despite protests from our ever-humble Ops team (who insist that it’s everyday life for them and that they are not Super Troopers), they often put us (the office owls, the content creators) in a super excited mood. Though we have always heard tales of how good the teams work, seeing… Read More

Sleeping Baby Medium

We launched Baby Cleanups around a year back. They are designed to suit young parents and their newborn kiddos as they step (or are carried/cradled) into their first room. Keeping in mind the level of hygiene that needs to be maintained for a newborn to thrive in, we take extra care that the cleanup is… Read More

Baby Feet Medium

Yowoto and Janice Goveas being awesome, they allowed us to share some amazing content from their platform. We are fans because Janice is a young Mom who writes very well on issues that concern most of us on a daily basis. Note: A birth plan doesn’t have a set pattern but is unique for every… Read More

Wood Kitchen Medium

We first came across a hard wood floor in our first month of operations. The kind architect (one of the top ones in India) had underlined a simple fact then- “Water is the best cleanser, and a slight damp mop does the trick.” Once we inducted an upgraded range of cleaning agents into our arsenal,… Read More

Remote Control Medium

As we recently discussed with Bangalore Mirror, remote control units harbor an insane amount of germs and bacteria. In our daily lives, while we make it a point of keep most surfaces clean everyday, we end up ignoring door knobs, switch boards and remote control units! Cleaning them regularly is a must to avoid a… Read More

Focus Medium

Last week, we were pleasantly surprised when Sowmya Rajaram from Bangalore Mirror got in touch for some questions on keeping our homes sparkling clean. Cleaning is therapeutic, and an activity that can be broken down into smaller units so it doesn’t overwhelm. Though the presence of professional (and premium) cleaning services (us!) helps in monthly/bimonthly… Read More

Ultragirl Medium

Termed as ‘Whatsapp for service providers’, Haptik is here to revolutionize the way customers interact with the service providers they work with. While we have been fortunate to have a steady relationship with our patrons, it made sense to open up a new communication channel. Yep, Hammer and Mop is on Haptik! Sushrut accesses this… Read More

Leather Sofa Medium

This is a guest post by Ron Leyba, lead editor for portals focused on homes in Michigan. He is kind enough to share with us various tips to maintain the beauty (and functionality) of your home. For everything cleaning and maintenance, there is Hammer and Mop! :) If you wish to prolong the beauty and… Read More

Happy Bike Medium

The first cleanups, like the first sketches, are never really satisfactory. We have had our own share of experiments and shoddy cleanups, which had the potential to cause annoyance amongst some of our early patrons. However, with our rising level of service delivery, we were persistent in getting in touch with the annoyed patrons, asking… Read More

Dishwasher Medium

This is one of those turnaround tales with a learning lesson, and some new information that we gained along the way. It was one of those times when we forgot to get back to a customer who had called for a cleanup, who had to call us again and remind us how important the cleanup… Read More

Child Medium

Diwali is a favorite festival for Indians, and a first Diwali with your little one is always special. But also keep in mind that it may be overwhelming for the child. Blossom Child Proofing Solutions (their website) would love to share their insights on how you can keep your family safe and enjoy every bit… Read More

Lung Coffee Medium

When a dear customer got in touch for an urgent cleanup + sanitization session, we experienced a full circle. From having common friends, to being connected to our early investors- we realized that the world kept getting smaller every passing day. Her need for the session was urgent because the room needed to be dust-free,… Read More

Laughter Medium

Hammer and Mop offers premium cleaning and professional upkeep services to homes and offices across Mumbai. The pricing structure was standardized an year back, and revised around 6 months back. There are multiple service providers in the market, our fellow travelers :) And they are the ones we turn to in case of ultra packed… Read More