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We love cleaning homes, offices and being of service to you. On our blog, we share customer stories, our insights, experiences and learning lessons (including bloopers). From maintaining your hardwood floor to getting rid of dust mites, Hammer and Mop to the rescue! We'd love your frank feedback :)

Downhill Medium

After Party Cleanups and The Asian Age

At Hammer and Mop, we’re a simple lot. Our days are usually made with a customer’s smile, a happy email, a fulfilling cleanup and a media feature! Our Wednesday was made pretty awesome by an amazing feature on our After Party Cleanups by The Asian Age, who wrote about us in their Mumbai supplement. What are After Party Cleanups? One… Read more →

Cleaning Medium

Cleaning Windows and Mini Blinds

Cleaner the windows, cleaner the world seems. Many of us are fond of the full length or sealed windows at our homes and offices. However, if we do not use the right methods to clean them, the surfaces deteriorate and they do not look good enough. Maintaining and cleaning our possessions is essential. Why Clean the Windows and the Mini… Read more →

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Tuesday Testimonials!

Emails is our favorite form of communication. Legends say that Hammer and Mop is prompter on emails than they are on phone calls. While we sheepishly confess to the fact, do trust us when we say we are working on being prompter on all fronts :) A couple of emails received yesterday from our wonderful patrons did ensure that our… Read more →

cleaning industry

How to Choose the Right Cleaning Company?

This is an eternal question, and Hammer and Mop owes its very existence to it. After spending three years in this industry and working closely with our patrons to understand what is relevant to them, we can confidently state that the following factors play an important role in choosing the right cleaning company for your home or office. Are they… Read more →