Michigan Medium

This is a guest post by Ron Leyba, lead editor for portals focused on homes in Michigan. He is kind enough to share with us a few tips for a hassle free moving in process. Basic Yet Important Tips for A Hassle-Free Moving In Process Moving in to a new house for rent may seem… Read More

Meteor Medium

It was a time when we were discussing the prospect of maintaining a senior banker’s residence, and were in talks with the administration department of the organization, one of the biggest of its kind in India. The conversations we had with the senior management in the department revolved around the requirements of high end properties-… Read More

Organizing Medium

As we trot around the city cleaning homes, we encounter multiple shelves and wardrobes and cupboards full of ‘stuff’ that has to be moved around and dusted. These areas form an essential part of homes and offices, the trick lies in treating them right. We’d like our team members to have a determined chin at… Read More

Trust Large

Packed schedule, but they were patient. She had called us on receiving a reference through her friend who was one of our favorite patrons last month. She was moving into a new apartment and it was an urgent requirement, but we were booked for an entire week in advance. We tried our best but couldn’t… Read More

How does a rat steal an egg?

How does a rat steal an egg? We were visiting Abhigyan Jha, a dear client, at his amazing residence to understand his preferences and draft a customized package. The conversation touched upon the fact that his sweet little Beagle found it difficult to handle the stairs, probably due to their perceived enormity (dogs do their things… Read More

Hammer and Mop is listening.

I write this as Founder and MD at Hammer and Mop, feeling overwhelmed on this rainy evening as I think about the short journey of the past 2+ years, and how this kiddo has grown. It turns 3 very soon. What we do, where we’ve been. We offer premium and professional cleaning services to homes… Read More

Hammer and Mop (cleaning business for homes and offices across Mumbai) writes about the services it provides to clean and maintain art & paintings.

Many of our patrons invest in and collect art, many of them are passionate about it and some of them are talented artists themselves. While performing cleanups at their residences and studios, we have realized that paintings need to be treated with love and care. We clean them up too, in addition to the remaining… Read More

Kids Room Large

A stay at home vacation (as MyCity4Kids has wonderfully covered it) can be a good time to spend time with your family. It is also a good opportunity to inculcate good cleaning habits in your kids, which can have highly rewarding results. A cleaning session with your kids need not be laborious. It ought to… Read More

Courtesy: GMDS (meg)

What is professional cleaning? Imagine an equipped team of cleaning professionals arriving at the specified time, start with the assigned tasks of cleaning up your residential/commercial space and leave when the job is done up to your satisfaction. The service is essentially ‘cleaning’, might be extensive (covering all corners) or basic (covering only major visible… Read More

end of lease cleaning

Stock Images are often deep and well thought out. It takes time and a sharp mind to interpret the messages, and understand the wisdom behind the wide smiles and aesthetic poses. In an attempt reeking with sarcasm, we explain how to be an amazing cleaning company according to stock photography. Exhibit Professionalism By showing up… Read More


This is a guest post by one of our best allies on getting your home ready for the real estate market in Mumbai. MumbaiProperties has a well-deserved reputation for exemplary levels of service and results, gained through a commitment to the highest professional standards for the last 10 years. MumbaiProperties is owned by Pinnacle Realty, which has been… Read More

Cleaning Heroes - Feature

We’re out with our first #CleaningHeroes feature! It was exciting to interview one of our best patrons and understand what it takes to maintain a home as beautiful as hers. This frank & delightful conversation makes for a pleasant read! Aanchal Malhi is a professional dog groomer and currently studying to be a  certified dog masseuse,… Read More


Engaging conversations is something our customers always promise us. We received a call from a dear prospective customer from Breach Candy today, who had saved our 2 year old pamphlet. She’d been wanting to call us all this while, but the right time hadn’t presented it self. We were overwhelmed after the conversation. Quoting her-… Read More

Cleaning Heroes!

Yes we are! After 2000+ cleanups and meeting so many awesome customers, we have realized that there are some amazing people out there who do a BRILLIANT job of keeping their homes and offices sparkling clean. There are some who have devised their own strategies to tackle the dust bunny threat, while there are some… Read More