Better Cleanups at Ahmedabad

In continuation to this post highlighting how we train your domestic housekeeping staff, would love to highlight one of our successful projects, in a wonderfully sleepy city of Ahmedabad (Gujarat). We were honored to have been invited by one of the most influential families in the city, to work with their domestic staff of 12, to empower them to deliver… Read more →

Bill Smith

Maneka and her super kind feedback!

We recently helped Maneka make her home sparkling clean. She had asked us to clean her residence and even sanitize her upholstery. Because, well, there IS an awful amount of dust in our sofas and mattresses and remember that upholstery + dust = asthma + allergies. Serving her was a delightful experience, and we are glad she felt it too.… Read more →

MissMalini - 3H - InstaGram

Helping MissMalini with an allergy free home!

MissMalini has been our patron since ages, and a favorite one! Right from helping her move into a new home to helping the entire team move into a new (and bigger, yay) office – Hammer and Mop is honored to have helped her make the process hassle free. She had recently mentioned the presence of dust in her sofas, and… Read more →

Alexandra E Rust

How ‘The Leather Laundry’ earned a happy review!

We have been associated with the ever delightful Leather Laundry for a while now. These Delhi-based experts are striving to reach out to metros pan India, and Hammer and Mop is proud to represent them in Mumbai. What keeps us together is the pure passion in running a customer-focused business, and attention to detail while serving our amazing patrons! Earning… Read more →

(Pic Courtesy: Alexander Lyubavin) Ensuring the good apples stay! :)

Training Your Domestic & Housekeeping Staff

Hammer and Mop provides premium cleaning and professional upkeep services to homes and offices across Mumbai. We have built a solid reputation of good customer service and consistent quality. Since many of our patrons are HNIs and expatriates, we understand what it takes to deliver a good cleaning service. A few testimonials. Incorporated in 2011, it has been an amazing… Read more →


Introducing Steam Cleaning

At almost 4 years of age, we are happy to be the pioneer of professional and premium cleaning in the country. However, one isn’t the king when one has to call himself a king – one needs to walk the talk. At Hammer and Mop, we are excited to announce the launch of Steam Cleaning for our patrons. Why steam… Read more →

The Leather Laundry

Alliance with The Leather Laundry

Hammer and Mop has always had allies on board, offering parallel services to our many patrons. Leather has been a sensitive aspect of the cleaning sessions – it needs an expert hand. As a result, one of our favorite allies has been¬†The Leather Laundry. About the nice folks. The founders of The Leather Laundry have been in the leather industry… Read more →

Home 2

Difference between a Vacuum and a Sanitizing Vacuum

As an integral part of Hammer and Mop cleanups, upholstery units (sofa seats, chairs, mattresses) are vacuumed – thus removing the surface dust. Since all areas are being dusted and wiped clean, it is best to not let the upholstery units be.¬†However, during the course of multiple conversations with our patrons, we have realized the slight misunderstanding between the scope… Read more →

Pic Courtesy: Iskra Photo

Vinda and the Pigeon Loft

Vinda Sanzgiri first called Hammer and Mop for a cleaning service on an evening, when she had realized that her loft had a few unwelcome guests. Pigeons, nesting on the other side of the water tank, refusing to move out and being responsible for a funny, undesirable odor. She needed the loft to be cleaned, and we figured out the… Read more →

Pic Courtesy: Julian Fong

Now Hiring: A Communications Expert

It is that time of the year again, when we look for new members. Not because old ones leave (nah, they stay and evolve and gain weight and lose some), but because we grow, and expand and grow grey hair. Because we seek fresh blood, to add another layer of personality to this wonderful brand we have built together. Hammer… Read more →

Pic Courtesy: Guwashi999

The Spirit Workshop

We recently had a call from Ajay who is moving into the city. Though the cleaning problem was taken care of, he was keen to have his upholstery (fabric sofa seats and mattresses) sanitized & disinfected. We happily agreed to schedule his session – where we use a high powered vacuum machine armed with a HEPA filter to vacuum out… Read more →

Pic Courtesy: star5112

Cleanups for Esther D’Souza

Though coffee is preferable, we admire tea for its subtlety. It doesn’t force its flavor on your taste buds, but simply exists, blending with your thoughts, soothing them if there is allowance. While our team members might relate more to the strong headed espressos, Hammer and Mop in its essence is much like White Tea. And happy customers with their… Read more →

Pic Courtesy: Brian Burger

How to Control Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have the potential to be a massive pain, and it is crucial to have a stern pest control session conducted to root them out. While they start by infesting mattresses and pillows, bed bugs thrive in wooden crevices, blankets and dusty corners of your bedroom. They creep out at night, suck your blood in a nasty long bite… Read more →

Pic Courtesy: Republic of Korea

A Tale of Mutual Respect

Most of our stories focus on our patrons, and the first time customers. These experiences, worthy of being documented, lend to to our insights in this sector. It is not a one person’s job – but a collective pool of experiences drawn from all corners of Hammer and Mop. Right from our field teams to the office folk who hide… Read more →