Hammer and Mop shares a happy home cleaning story of our dear patron - Neesha Dongre, being a busy person how she managed to keep her home clean.

Happy Home Cleaning – Neesha Dongre

Recently we were honored to serve Neesha Dongre for her Bangalore apartment for deep home cleaning. Being a Chief Financial Officer at Quantum Consumer Solutions, her hectic schedule does not let her maintain her home the way she wants. She was highly particular about a list of things, that she had created beforehand. But she was uncertain about how the team would… Read more →

Hammer and Mop shares some great hacks to get over the pet fur problem, and have a happy clean home.

Tackle the Pet Fur Problem

Is greater part of your day spent Fussing about your pet’s loose fur on your furniture, carpets, clothes and flooring? Worry no more as we bring to you some great hacks to tackle excessive hair shedding in dogs and cats. Hair shedding is a normal occurrence when it comes to these animals. You certainly cannot stop this phenomenon where the animal… Read more →

A Happy Customer – Neha Bansal

Cleaning is an intimate business, and trust plays a major role in selecting the home cleaning company to do the job. As a result, it is through our experience that we have realized – we need to pay more attention in ensuring transparent communication than offering any further frills to the service. Customers care about getting the job done, in… Read more →

Hammer and Mop shares with you quick hacks to get rid of the pet hair at home.

How To Get Rid of Pet Hair

Hair shedding is a normal occurrence when it comes to these animals. You certainly cannot stop this phenomenon where the animal will lose its old fur but it can be brought well under control. Labrador retriever, German shepherd, Chow-chow and Siberian husky are some dog breeds that shed constantly owing to the presence of a thick undercoat. Worry no more as we bring to… Read more →

Party at your home? Worried about the mess? Don't worry! Hammer and Mop got you covered with some easy hacks for the after party cleanup.

How to Deal with the Post Party Cleanup

Party at your home is surely an exciting thing, but the mess it creates later is surely not one. Nobody likes to face the mountain of messes as soon as they wake up. So Mr. Homecare comes up with some really easy hacks to keep the muck away. Don’t worry, the session is not at all tedious. Your post party cleanup actually kicks… Read more →