Cleaning Heroes - Feature

We’re out with our first #CleaningHeroes feature! It was exciting to interview one of our best patrons and understand what it takes to maintain a home as beautiful as hers. This frank & delightful conversation makes for a pleasant read! Aanchal Malhi is a professional dog groomer and currently studying to be a  certified dog masseuse,… Read More


Engaging conversations is something our customers always promise us. We received a call from a dear prospective customer from Breach Candy today, who had saved our 2 year old pamphlet. She’d been wanting to call us all this while, but the right time hadn’t presented it self. We were overwhelmed after the conversation. Quoting her-… Read More

Cleaning Heroes!

Yes we are! After 2000+ cleanups and meeting so many awesome customers, we have realized that there are some amazing people out there who do a BRILLIANT job of keeping their homes and offices sparkling clean. There are some who have devised their own strategies to tackle the dust bunny threat, while there are some… Read More


We have been performing individual residential cleanups for almost three years, and we’re happy to launch special packages for residential societies, making it easier for all the residents to use and schedule our home cleaning services! What would a special package include? Essentially, we would be building tailor-made packages for each society, understanding the requirements… Read More


One of our dearest customers and earliest evangelists shared the above video saying- Just saw this 45-minute ad from Leica Camera that shows a person meticulously cleaning a camera by hand. Reminded me of how the Hammer & Mop crew works. This was topped with the subject line- ‘To go full Hammer & Mop’ is… Read More


“Once cleaned, you might mistake the glass for thin air!” Something that we often boast of, for the glasses we have cleaned have a history of folks bumping into them! then, there was a time when we’d cleaned Sushrut’s windows and we ended up writing about it too. We had focused on windows while making… Read More

Gift for the Entire Family :)

While we do have our original gifting ideas for every member of our family, based on their individual tastes and preferences, won’t it be wonderful to gift someone a clean home or a clean office? We sulk every time someone labels a ‘gift cleanup’ for a mother or a grandmother.  A clean home is for… Read More


This is a guest post by our dear ally, Black & White Aventura. It provides Property Consulting & Marketing Services for your property requirements. Each project includes sourcing, financial consulting, negotiations, legal due diligence, marketing, fulfilling & execution of a real estate solution tailor made to suit your specifications. In a highly commoditized service offering, we differentiate… Read More

Moving In & Moving Out Cleanups!

Moving houses and offices is always a task with many things playing on our amazing minds. It is essential for the transition to be smooth and well managed, which leads us to outsource certain tasks to service providers. We started up almost around three years back and our most popular cleanup has been the Moving… Read More


This is a guest post by one of our best allies on finding your perfect home in Maximum City. MumbaiProperties has a well-deserved reputation for exemplary levels of service and results, gained through a commitment to the highest professional standards for the last 10 years. MumbaiProperties is owned by Pinnacle Realty, which has been in the Realty… Read More

Communications Associate

Requirements Communications Associate: A fresher with impeccable English, love for the language, good conversational skills, an eye for detail and a passion to create content. Profile covers client relations and social media. Photography, writing and graphic design skills will be a cherry on the top. This is what we wrote on YourStory about the profile.… Read More


How does it feel being blown away? We would know, because we’ve been blown away by the awesomeness of cleanup bookings this summer. Currently, we do anywhere between 2-5 cleanups per day and our current schedule shows an advance booking of at least a week! We believe in organic growth with a clear focus on quality of… Read More

Cover Square

As an update, we have found our Stannis Baratheon in Gauri Oak (who actually identifies herself with Arya Stark) and good things are afoot. Winter is coming but we’ll prevail and how! Following is the old post which helped us narrow down on 10+ valiant prospects. Now Hiring: Head of Operations! Yes! We’re looking for… Read More

Life Beyond Numbers logo

A hearty thanks to the amazing team behind Life Beyond Numbers for this sweet feature last week. This interview discusses how we started, the key challenges faced, the re-branding exercise, future plans and how consistent customer service has helped us serve our super patrons We’re grateful. Quoting Sushrut- “We’re still quite obsessed about getting our… Read More