Great Ways Your Kitchen Can be Improved

Great Ways Your Kitchen Can be Improved

Your kitchen is perhaps the most important room in your whole home. It’s where you get together with your family to eat food and discuss the day’s events. So, here are some great ways to improve yours. Organise the Drawers When was the last time you tried to organise the drawers in your kitchen? Most people let their drawers get… Read more →

Servicing Your Home? These Are the Areas to Focus On

Servicing Your Home? These Are the Areas to Focus On

Everyone’s home needs to be serviced now and then, and this will often be something you can take care of yourself. It’s important to make sure the home looks good as much as possible. You need to be happy with where you’re living and make sure it’s a healthy, vibrant place. The way to do this is to make sure… Read more →

Keeping Your Home Clean Completing DIY Jobs

Keeping Your Home Clean Completing DIY Jobs

Whether you’re renovating a home or just redecorating it can always become a big job. With that, there comes a lot of mess and clutter. Sometimes, this can make rooms in your home and unusable and that’s a problem. Particularly if the room that you are improving is one that you use every day, like the kitchen. If that’s out… Read more →

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The Areas Of Your Home You Most Need To Care For

Keeping your house clean and tidy keeps you and your family safe from harmful bacteria and germs. Of course, there are some areas of your home that may harbor more nasties than you thought. When you are cleaning up, think about where moisture might be. It is often in damp places that mold and mildew can grow. Inhaling spores can… Read more →


Clean Up Home Clutter With These Tips

There are a couple of reasons why you might want your home to look clean and free of clutter. You might be looking to sell your home soon, and you know homes that look bigger sell for a better price. Or, you may just want your house to be a more comfortable place to live. Either way, we have got… Read more →


An Expert’s Guide To Cleaning Your Light Fittings

As we say at Hammer and Mop, a clean home is a happy home. No matter how often you clean your home, there is one area that you will forget to clean – the light fixtures. Even the most stringent of cleaners, often end up with light fittings and fixtures in need of a dust. In addition to ruining the… Read more →


Feedback from Mr. & Ms. Nanavati

While we are excited and going through a steep learning curve being a part of the SILA family at Mr. Homecare, we miss the quaint cleanups and warm loving feedback from our dear patrons. There were so few of them (3500 is a small number compared to 12000+) and we had the luxury of paying close attention to every session.… Read more →


The Cleaning Tools That Every Home Should Have

The problem with cleaning is that it takes up a lot of time and it a lot of energy. Plus, it is boring. It makes you wonder why we got into the business in the first place! Well, I am glad to report that, for us, it is none of the listed above. That is because we know the tricks… Read more →


We are now a part of Mr. Homecare family :)

Thank you for being with us throughout. Your support and patience has always helped us be better at what we do, and helped us learn from our mistakes. After four years of pioneering the professional home cleaning space, we’re taking the next jump. Hammer and Mop is going to be closely associated with Mr. Homecare (overview attached) henceforth, through a service partnership.… Read more →

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How To Stop Your Plumbing From Becoming A Problem

Plumbing is often the biggest problem that any homeowner will face. Trying to maintain a boiler or household pipes is not an easy job. Within a matter of seconds, it could all go wrong and ruin your house. What makes it even worse is that plumbing is complicated and dangerous. So, you can’t, or you shouldn’t, try to fix the… Read more →


Better Cleanups at Ahmedabad

In continuation to this post highlighting how we train your domestic housekeeping staff, would love to highlight one of our successful projects, in a wonderfully sleepy city of Ahmedabad (Gujarat). We were honored to have been invited by one of the most influential families in the city, to work with their domestic staff of 12, to empower them to deliver… Read more →

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Maneka and her super kind feedback!

We recently helped Maneka make her home sparkling clean. She had asked us to clean her residence and even sanitize her upholstery. Because, well, there IS an awful amount of dust in our sofas and mattresses and remember that upholstery + dust = asthma + allergies. Serving her was a delightful experience, and we are glad she felt it too.… Read more →

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Helping MissMalini with an allergy free home!

MissMalini has been our patron since ages, and a favorite one! Right from helping her move into a new home to helping the entire team move into a new (and bigger, yay) office – Hammer and Mop is honored to have helped her make the process hassle free. She had recently mentioned the presence of dust in her sofas, and… Read more →

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How ‘The Leather Laundry’ earned a happy review!

We have been associated with the ever delightful Leather Laundry for a while now. These Delhi-based experts are striving to reach out to metros pan India, and Hammer and Mop is proud to represent them in Mumbai. What keeps us together is the pure passion in running a customer-focused business, and attention to detail while serving our amazing patrons! Earning… Read more →