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We love keeping your home in perfect order. On our blog, we share customer stories, our insights, experiences and learning lessons (including bloopers). From maintaining your hardwood floor to getting rid of dust mites, Hammer and Mop to the rescue! We'd love your frank feedback :)

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Quarterly Cleanups at 25% off :)

Quarterly Cleanups at 25% off Because we love you for being with us all this while. Plus – if your friends (and their friends) want to join in, we add 5% for each additional purchase. So if you and your friend purchase, it is 30% off for both of you! If it is 3 of you, then we offer 35%… Read more →

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What keeps us going?

Starting up is hardly an easy thing to do, leave alone keeping at it. Through hills and glen, through dark mists and heavy showers, we have persisted and we have been resilient. But to what end? Has it been a success so far? Our patrons are pretty happy but are we? Too many questions? That’s us in a Sunday mood.… Read more →

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Cleaning Rooms on Twitter

We’ve so many friends on Twitter (@hammerandmop), and we love it when we’re recommended to prospective friends! Aditi was keen on having her room cleaned, and @Trollacharya had to recommend us! He could have simply come up with a witty reply, or a question, or something that might pinpoint to the therapeutic nature of cleaning. BUT HE RECOMMENDED US! He didn’t… Read more →

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A Happy Cleanup for a Loving Mum

We recently had the honor of serving Guruprasad Puranik as he coordinated a cleanup for his dear Mum staying in the city. We could understand his concerns, and communicated how thorough the job would be. The relationship of a parent and her child is a sensitive one, and even an established surgeon’s hand might shake while operating on his own… Read more →

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Quick Cleaning at Beaumonde Towers

If you’re based in Mumbai, these beautiful glass urban palaces are hard to miss. Adorning the skyline and being one of the plushiest addresses in town, they are a service provider’s paradise. We were glad to help our dear customers move into their new home this week, at Beaumonde Towers. The security troops were exceptionally particular, keen to hand hold… Read more →

Cleaning for a Reason - Debbie Sardone

Cleaning for a Reason

Thanks to AchhiKhabre, we came across Cleaning for a Reason which is spearheaded by Debbie Sardone. The not-for-profit organization provides home cleaning services for free to thousands of women battling cancer. Apart from being helpful, the therapeutic effect of cleanliness helps them cope and heals. We’re grateful for their efforts and the positive change they are leading :) Read more →

Gauri Oak - Hammer and Mop

How Gauri Oak Leads from the Top

When we sought a Stannis Baratheon to lead our operations with renewed vigor (the post highlighting the need), we hadn’t expected someone who identifies herself with Arya Stark to be so firmly at the helm in just a week’s time. Hammer and Mop was going through a certain transition at that time, and we knew that we had to find… Read more →

Happy Worker

How Hammer and Mop Empowers

At Hammer and Mop, we are a service company hard nosed about customer expectations and experience. As a result, since we employ our teams, it is essential for us to ensure skills training and development. As we grow, strengthening our ‘supply’ side by investing in skills training and development is something we cannot do without. It has always been about… Read more →

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Remote Controlled Cleanups

One of the most common questions we get asked while scheduling cleaning services is whether presence of customers is required on site. Well, after 3+ years on the field and hand picked team of self motivated cleaners – it is perfectly possible to simply outsource the task to us. Our teams are accompanied by supervisors and every session is closely… Read more →

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“Above and beyond,” she said!

We have been helping Kavita Mehta keep her residence sparkling clean since 2012, being one of our first patrons in one of the most premium societies Mumbai has to offer. It has always been a delight, considering her prompt feedback and kind willingness to accept our certain goof-ups. We’re glad she trusted us, and stayed with us throughout, hand holding… Read more →

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Choosing between Caregiving and Work?

At Hammer and Mop, we make it a point to stay updated on industry trends and learning from the best. Harvard Business Review is one of our favorite publications, and in this particularly well written piece (No One Should Have to Choose Between Caregiving and Work by Jody Gastfriend), they highlight an important issue which plays a major role in… Read more →

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Keeping Your Home Cleaner in a Season of Sniffles

A dear patron recommended we write about keeping our homes cleaner since it is a season of respiratory ailments, so here we go! It is that time of the year again, when seasons change and minor infections come creeping into our homes. Runny noses, coughs and burning eyes are common phenomena and not quite something that’s desirable. While there are a… Read more →

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Happy Cleanups for Shradha

We have expressed our love for patrons who are particular before. It was a neat scheduling process for Shradha, where she understood what we do, how we do it and trusted us to give our best to this Essential Cleanup. We were concerned since the goof-ups were not affordable. Her washrooms had undergone renovation and there was cement dust all… Read more →


Winning Approval of Biggest Taskmasters

As highlighted before, our encounters with Biggest (yet quite delightful) Taskmasters are not uncommon, and yet are one of a kind. We love Taskmasters because they keep us on our toes. Taskmasters apparently love us because we pay heed to what they have to suggest, treat their methods as high priority, hold our ground in certain cases (as a proof… Read more →