Child Medium

Diwali is a favorite festival for Indians, and a first Diwali with your little one is always special. But also keep in mind that it may be overwhelming for the child. Blossom Child Proofing Solutions (their website) would love to share their insights on how you can keep your family safe and enjoy every bit… Read More

Lung Coffee Medium

When a dear customer got in touch for an urgent cleanup + sanitization session, we experienced a full circle. From having common friends, to being connected to our early investors- we realized that the world kept getting smaller every passing day. Her need for the session was urgent because the room needed to be dust-free,… Read More

Laughter Medium

Hammer and Mop offers premium cleaning and professional upkeep services to homes and offices across Mumbai. The pricing structure was standardized an year back, and revised around 6 months back. There are multiple service providers in the market, our fellow travelers :) And they are the ones we turn to in case of ultra packed… Read More

Organization Medium

Some of the relationships with our customers go back by years, filled with experiences and conversations which led to many things in addition to the service we deliver. There have been times when in a 10 minute conversation, we confirm cleanup details in the first few minutes and spend the rest of the time discussing… Read More

Washroom Medium

It was a Sunday afternoon when we received a call from a prospective customer. His wooden panel in the washroom kept developing mold, along with the wall surfaces around the shower area. They had tried scrubbing it off, but mold (being what it is) returned with full vengeance, fiercer than ever. “Thought you guys might… Read More

Allies Medium

When Jignesh (@Jiggy_C) had a short Twitter conversation with us last week, we were not expecting the delightful tweet (above). It took us back to the time when we had performed a cleanup for Rohan Joshi (@mojorojo) and the amazing referrals flying through :) Those had taken us by surprise then too! It started when… Read More

Happiness Medium

Aarti Saxena is one of our favorite patrons, because she keeps us on our toes. We remember the initial conversations when she had signed up for a customized package more than a year back, the highly particular emails and attention to details was inspiring. Every cleanup has been a learning experience, because we made mistakes… Read More

Coffee Talk Medium

This is a story about a time when we forgot a scheduled cleanup, and so did our patron! She is a sweet expatriate, with a monthly subscription and a customized package. While all her prior cleanups were smooth with exceptional performance by our teams, we were surprised when we realized that we had simply missed… Read More

Keys Medium

One of our annual package customer is a gem, for he taught us a lot about the highest standards of keeping a home clean. His arsenal of cleaning equipment is almost as good as ours, complete with specific tools and machines. A businessperson with a base in Dubai, he has to keep his Mumbai residence… Read More

Talking Medium

A cleanup session is usually planned to be wrapped up in a day. Every home is different, and so is every commercial space. There are times when the scope of work exceeds our expectations and rather than inconvenience our customer by staying till late, we schedule a follow up session at the earliest available date… Read More

Camping Coffee Medium

We got an email inquiry a few days back, asking for a cleanup to be urgently scheduled within a week. Sushrut called up the kind prospect, thanking him for choosing us but offering an apology since we had a packed schedule for the next ten days. We wrote back mentioning how we’d have loved to… Read More

Cleaning Medium

Our delightful customers often give us a list of specific things they would like us to be particular about. We keep their preferences in mind while performing the cleanup. Amit Gaur‘s list (in his words, below) kept us on our toes- Master bedroom bathroom tiles are broken and will be replaced on Wednesday, so please… Read More

Michigan Medium

This is a guest post by Ron Leyba, lead editor for portals focused on homes in Michigan. He is kind enough to share with us a few tips for a hassle free moving in process. Basic Yet Important Tips for A Hassle-Free Moving In Process Moving in to a new house for rent may seem… Read More

Meteor Medium

It was a time when we were discussing the prospect of maintaining a senior banker’s residence, and were in talks with the administration department of the organization, one of the biggest of its kind in India. The conversations we had with the senior management in the department revolved around the requirements of high end properties-… Read More